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How to tell if a female is into you?
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23 / M / New York
Posted 9/16/13
How can you tell if a female is into you?

I'm looming around my college campus a lot, and I see a lot of cute girls. This is a serious question. For if the moment arises that a girl may be interested in you, what are some key signs that she honestly is?

This mostly goes for men, but I guess it can be for other women as well.
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24 / cheesecakes
Posted 9/16/13
I'm a girl so I can't really give you any useful information but as a girl myself I will try to dress nice everytime I see that guy I'm into, and make sure he notices it, by not acting too obvious about it ofc.
Personally I won't make the move, but if that guy does I will internally squeal then drop hints that I like him too, by replying his texts regularly and not too late either, spending lots of time with him like in the library doing homework or something since this is college we're talking about.
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30 / M / Europe
Posted 9/16/13
One way is if she approaches you and strikes up a conversation. Another is if she is talking to you and she has a hard time making eye
Contact with you but still continues in the conversation without the inclenation of leaving.
Next you have to keep you eyes open for the ones that stare at you while in class. This way however has to impacts it can be that they are
Interested in you or they think you are weird. Here are a couple ways that I know of from personal experence. Good luck into your indevers.
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Posted 9/17/13
When she actually hangs around with you beyond college hours or college discussions.
Posted 9/17/13
- The bold and vocal turns silent, and look down / to the sides and smile.
- They repeatedly refer to you as "Cute," and "So pretty."
- They notice that you're not wearing anything under your jacket and so they quickly unzip it then slowly scan you up and down with their eyes.
- They pin you to the wall with their butt as you pass them by then they give you a bit of a clever smile as they rub you up and down with their butt or pretend that they didn't just pin you to the wall with their butt.
- They invite themselves over to your home to watch a movie and suddenly put their head on your lap during the movie.
- They (female strangers / acquaintances) invite themselves over to your home without a plan of doing anything.
- They pinch your butt.
- They call you up on the phone and suddenly start having phone sex with(out) you.
- When she lifts up the sheets, is nude underneath, and says "Come on in," don't decline.
- When she's in the ass-up-face-down position saying "You can do whatever you want to me," don't decline.
- They put their tongue in your mouth without warning (when they're drunk).
- They grope you / put their hands down your pants without warning (when they're drunk).
- They walk up to you with a dog collar, giggle and say "Does this belong to you?" then try to put it on you (when they're drunk).

What really- really helps, though, as I've come to learn over the last few years, is to not be an oblivious fool. However, that is very difficult if you've never had an identity (confidence cannot be established without it).
Posted 9/17/13 , edited 9/17/13

T-H-I-S ^
Best relationship post I've read on CR
Posted 9/17/13
She may talk to you a lot. Stand next to you. Grab your hand and shove it down her panties.... wait wut.
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F / Oslo
Posted 9/17/13
There was actually an interesting study regarding this topic. They put around 7 males and 7 females in a speed-dating kind of place and after they were finished they asked the people a series of questions.

First of all, the majority of females answered that they were never actually sure that the males were interested in them, and it was hard to tell. The men, on the other hand, sweared that they were sure quite a lot of the females were interested in them and that it was simple to know. (Of course, these females were actually not interested, just polite.)

Turns out men are programmed to instinctively "go for it" because it it's better to try and miss than never try at all.

ALL IN ALL. Girls are evil little seductresses that play with your heart. (^v^)... at least some of them.

Haha, but to seriously answer your question, I dunno, when I'm interested in a guy I:

-laugh a lot
-wet my lips
-fiddle with my hair
-say stupid things
-always try to have the greatest posture
-can't look them directly in their eyes for long
-will try to touch you. like tickle you or move your hair.
-talk about ex boyfriends without the subject coming up
-invite you out randomly (but not casually... this is a difficult one)
-if you talk about girls, i'll try to agree with everything
-will face you. feet pointing towards you.
-if you sigh, ill ask what's up
-ask a bunch of silly questions about yourself

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F / Oslo
Posted 9/17/13
Also why would you mostly direct this question towards men? In my experience, men generally don't have a clue about what it means for a girl to be interested in you. ASK THE WOMEN.
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F / Earth
Posted 9/17/13
If a female likes you she may also try subtle ways of touching you like:

Touching your hand/arm to see the time
touch/check out your muscles
take your hand to lead you somewhere
lightly touch/smack you when you are funny or being naughty
pat/touch you to encourage you or get you to do something
indirect touching like feeding you by hand or utensil or wanting to wear or keep something of yours (girls like to smell guy's clothing)
saying you smell good and getting way too close to sniff you
wanting a photo of you
putting her hands in your jacket or pants pocket to "keep warm"
faking being scared so she can (grope ) touch you
sits on your lap
brings/makes you (and only you) food
Yes, I am guilty of doing some of these....and it worked.
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21 / M / Tiphares
Posted 9/17/13
Use your detective skills.
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19 / M / America
Posted 9/17/13 , edited 9/17/13
First step is to talk to one of them that your interested in. Then look for sign sush as them fluttering their eyes or if they laugh at your jokes (like lame ones). Even if it doesn't work out you should just keep talking to them so they actually know you a tiny bit. (As long as you can make them laugh, then you should be alright)

Edit: Try to talk about about stuff about your life and stories instead of bragging that you have a house, a expensive car, or something like that. It is better to keep them interested in "you" than keep them interested in your stuff. This is to keep a longer relationship.
Posted 9/17/13
They are into you if they don't struggle enough to get away while you are putting them in your trunk.
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21 / F / New zealand
Posted 9/17/13
im a girl but i generally become shy because sometimes there is that intense hot feeling that i bet the guy doesn't feel at all.

also, i barely show any interest. haha hard to get?
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30 / M / Kentucky
Posted 9/17/13
The Deredere... They fire a moe moe kyun beam at you.

The Yandere... They put both their hands against there face and blush while staring directly into your eyes without looking away. Beware of these ones.

The Dandere... To embarrassed to do anything in public, get them alone.

The Undere... Selfless and agrees to anything you say.

The Tsundere... likes to act tough and pick on you.

The Coodere... Acts like she hates you but randomly shows affection.

There are others but I got lazy.
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