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Created by uncletim
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Post Reply Would the world be a better place without the USA
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16 / M / Anonymity
Posted 3/25/14 , edited 3/25/14
I think it would be a better place if nobody ever discovered the US.
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20 / M / New Jersey
Posted 3/25/14
It's still a young country, i mean i hope it'll improve throughout the future, but the entire world is in the shitter not just us lol. well maybe not scandinavia.
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29 / M / Shinonome Lab
Posted 6/30/14

Oldthrashbar wrote:

qualeshia3 wrote:

I didn't view it but I only seen the cover for it. I wasn't too sure on whether I want to watch it or not. Isn't USA a modern day version of the Roman Empire? I'm just curious.

It basically is. But much improved, it most definitely is in the sense that it holds hegemony over most of the countries it touches. Whether they want to believe it or not.

Capitalism and the United States government are the end result of human civilization. We've tried many things and this is what works the best, Rome proved it and we simply evolved from that and made it better. Perhaps this government will be surpassed in the future with the advance in technology that would make everything available to... everyone for cheap... (Star Trek) But for now, its the best thing we have and will be for a very very long time.

Sadly we are suffering from the same things right now that distorted and eventually tore the original Roman Republic apart from within. Lets look to history and not go the way of Rome.

Wonderfully spoken.
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