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Post Reply Is FUNIMATION worth getting?
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Posted 8/29/16 , edited 8/31/16
you have to understand, its not what they will get, its what they have.

I would seriously consider buying both CR and funimation, if I actually had the time like I use to.

Funimation has a lot of series that I love that I cant watch on CR.

Fun has Spice and wolf, CR has fate zero, but I bought the Spice and wolf series, and that is directly supporting the actual series for funimation, and good luck buying Fate zero jesus christ, sorry but you are seriously joking if I am going to shell out $ 500- $ 600 CA, I know its amazing, but I got Spice and wolf the complete series for $76 CA A fucking steal for having it shipped.

but besides the point, you have to understand that both CR and Funimation have a variety of different animes that deserve your support, and to say that Funimation isnt even worth considering is jest.
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Posted 8/31/16
Yes if only for their back catalog. Last I checked, Hulu has most new releases next day, so if you just want those you could just get hulu.
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