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Post Reply Advertisements, do you find them annoying or not (online or otherwise)?
Posted 12/25/13
Most advertisements are ugly, and most websites don't do a good job of incorporating them. I'd rather they disappear altogether from websites, but hey, some people need to make money, too. In the meantime, I just keep Adblock turned on.
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27 / M / St Louis Mo
Posted 12/28/13
some ad's can get to be very annoying. personally I dont mind the simple text only ad's and tiny banners but the big flashy ones that pop up on sites these days drive me batty. I also hate ad's that are meant to decisive for example those ad's you see on download sites that say click here to download etc.
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23 / F / USA
Posted 12/29/13
Yes. They are annoying and stupid.
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It doesn't matter.
Posted 12/29/13 , edited 12/29/13
I don't have a problem with ads in general.
Some are good but most are annoying and patronizing so they fail to do their one job.
Because I won't support that sort of behavior.
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