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Posted 9/19/13
ANY information will do.
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Posted 9/20/13
Also interested.
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Posted 9/20/13 , edited 9/20/13

mecca_777 wrote:

ANY information will do.

I've locked and closed this at least temporarily because it's so vague I can't tell if if it's in the right place. Are you trying to start a discussion about High School of the Dead? or are you asking for more information about whether or not there's a live action movie version or something of that sort (or some other version)? Please PM me to let me know what you intended the thread for.

If it's a discussion please say more specifically what it's discussion for, some basic information about it, and share some of your thoughts to get things started.

If this is a request for more information it really would help if you were more specific about what--also the question(s) should be asked in an existing help thread:

The Movie Help Thread: /forumtopic-735343/the-movie-help-thread
The Anime Help Thread: /forumtopic-10664/the-anime-help-thread

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