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21 / F / Capypa Land
Posted 8/14/14 , edited 9/6/14
So basically, I like to take stuff and re-write it. It can be anything from poems to songs or nursery rhymes and even books. Can you guess where this one came from?

One anime
Two anime
Yaoi anime
Yuri anime

Shojo anime
Shonen anime
Old anime
New anime

This one has a little tsundere.
This one has a little Yandere.
Say! What a lot
Of anime there are.

Yes. Some are yaoi. And some are yuri.
Some are old. And some are new.

Some are sad.
And some are glad.
And some are very, very bad.

Why are they
Sad and glad and bad?
I don't know.
Go ask your dad.

Some are short
And some are long.
The long ones have
never ending fillers.

From there to here, from here to there
is everywhere.

There are more poems in the Pages section of my profile if you liked this one!
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Posted 9/5/14 , edited 9/7/14
waited in the dark
sat in the night
im so disfigured, more than a broken down house


left to eat dust

in second wind paint doesn't blend,
it just bleeds

sagelike bauer
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Posted 9/6/14 , edited 9/6/14

The Slate
The Slate Is Empty
Once Full Of Lies
A Peace Free Hell
Of Deceit

Once Gone
Never Returning
Cringing At The Thought
Wiped Clean
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Posted 9/7/14

boring to the end,

so don't say you tried
all will know its a lie,
trying to fit in

-sagelike bauer
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F / fairy tail
Posted 9/22/14

Light Yagami what happened yo?
that Shinigami screwed you bro!
you were smart and had a life
but that deathnote book became you knife
you killed off bad guys and felt real good
until u killed off good guys dumbass thats rude
in the end though it was close
N had you corned bro you had to go

how that for a poem eh

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18 / M / London
Posted 10/10/14
- Can Not Calm, Silent Cry -

By the window sill, without a porch,
A young girl lye still, staring to sun scorch.
The thoughts are distant, to me it seems.
Gunpowder battle, emotions scream.
Her voice was the wind, I, a guard worn
Could not protect her from the worlds scorn.
Where are the wild roses and free trees?
A jester with millions of lied-
Not one birth to soothing melodies?

By Jack-Rufus Kelly

There are more poems on my page.
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18 / M / U.S.A
Posted 10/13/14
Who am I?

Who am I? I am simply a man?
A man who lives normally among others?
Void of life and an insignificant part of the vast machine known as society?
Nay! I am not such a being!
I live in worlds that are which unbeknownst to man
Seeing creatures far more ingenious than our imagination
I meet people from all walks of life, each as colorful as the last!
We are heroes, villains, and all things in-between
We are powerful and we are free
We do as we choose and make merry each day!
We adventure into the unknown for fortune and fame
Not knowing what is in store
We are family, one in the same!
But alas, eternity does not last forever
We return to the plain, grey world that which we call home
All things turn to gray, our fantasies blown away like a feather on the wind
I become someone else, a stranger who shares my face
That is not me but yet, it is me
I look up at the falling rain and think
Who am I?
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