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Posted 9/25/13 , edited 9/25/13
It would be nice to have the ability to skip parts within the episode like in dvds or some video files. Basically divide the episode into parts and have the ability to skip parts.

An episode would be divided as follows

intro/Opening credits/first half/second half/closing credits/preview

An example of how it is usually done is that you are watching the intro and when it cuts to the opening credits you click the skip button to jump to the beginning of the first half.

This way I don't have to guess when the credits end and having the video buffer needlessly.
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Posted 9/25/13 , edited 9/26/13
Hey, I thought I'd seen this before: /forumtopic-814427/add-chapters-and-chapter-skip-button#43918733

I do still think it'd be a nice feature to have.
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Posted 9/25/13 , edited 9/26/13

It's how i watch Blu-rays, DVDs (when I can stomach the sub font) and... "other types of video".

If I don't feel like watching the credits, i can skip them in one button.

Yet strangely, on CR where I really don't want to watch the credits, I am forced to sit through all of their sub-free "glory".

if you can't sub 'em, please let me easily skip 'em!
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