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Anime fall lineup 2013 - what do you want to watch?
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Posted 9/29/13
A. Top 2 wanted
*Non Non Biyori

B. Also wanted
*Nagi no Asukara
*Golden Time
*Gingitsune (announced)

C. And also
*Yowamushi Pedal (announced)
*Ace of the Diamond (announced)
*Miss Monochrome
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Posted 9/29/13
I didn't look through the list awfully hard, but on my once through the ones I was already looking forward to, or am now looking forward to would be:

Kill la Kill
Galilei Donna
Space Dandy
Ghost in the Shell: Arise 2
Fate/Zero Cafe (maybe, we'll see how it turns out)
Kyokai no Kanata

There were a couple other promising ones, but if I give them a shot or not will depend on what others say/think of them.
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