Forum Mods and Biased Choices
Posted 9/29/13 , edited 9/29/13
Does anyone think that some of the Forum Mods on here on Crunchyroll are biased in their decisions to delete/keep some comments and delete/keep some threads open?

Let me give an example:

Anyway, I've come across several mods on here who are far too one-sided, and rather abuse their power. I've noticed that some mods keep threads open if it suits them no matter how rowdy the thread gets, or they side unflinchingly with comments no matter how rude the comment is if it suits them. I've also noticed that some mods tend to side with certain countries/areas, or even a certain race of people.

I personally feel that some of them are biased, and I do not think they should let their personal feelings get in the way of their monitoring duties. It is not fair. As long as the comments stay polite, and on topic - why should there be a removal of comments/closing of threads just because the subject featured is a tricky topic to discuss?

What do you think in you dealings with mods? Do you think there should be a different system?
Posted 9/29/13
This is when you go, "I don't care about your biased opinion." Seriously.
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Posted 9/29/13
Right or wrong it's their forum and their rules the have finnal word on what threads they keep open and those they close
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Posted 9/29/13
isn't it the same on all website forums

and I'm pretty sure all people have biased choices, just some have more power to act on them than others, doesn't make 'em any worse or better
Posted 9/29/13
I think it would be unnatural for a human being to be unbiased... that's just my opinion and that's why I don't really pay attention to what mods delete or don't delete.

What's the word? yes... impartial... I don't even think a judge can be completely impartial... people act/make decisions based on feelings... not on objectivity.
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Posted 9/29/13

I am going to make this short and sweet.

If you ever feel like a moderator has abused their authority or legitimately done wrong to you or another user of the website you need to scroll to the bottom of any page on CR, look under the support heading, and click on "Contact Us". This will enable to contact the actual CR support staff, the people paid by CR to help out customers and make sure issues get addressed. They are in fact the people in charge of and over the moderator team of this site.

The wrong thing to do would be to create a forum post blanket claiming bias and mistreatment of the forums and community. This looks reactionary and does nothing to help address issues that may have been mishandled.

So my advice is to go ahead and contact support with your issues giving as many details as you possibly can including links to actual posts/forum topics. In the meantime I am going to lock and close this thread since you know what the proper effective route of action to take at this point is.
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