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Posted 9/30/13
So last Thursday (9/26/2013) I was able to see the first episode of "Agents of SHIELD" on ABC broadcasting

Before seeing the first episode I was very on the fence about the whole thing, I was interested in seeing a show that would revolve completely around SHIELD without assistance from Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, or even Bruce Banner. On the other hand I was afraid the whole show would end up being a very rushed cheep attempt to cash in on the success of The Avengers movie

After seeing the first episode..... I'm still on the fence but not as much as I was before.
The first impressions given were that it will continue to be full of action and also quite funny, and although it is a bit odd that all the characters seem to be relatively new agents we may get to see them grow in experience and skill.

However despite these good qualities I'm still nervous that series will end up falling short

What do you think?
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Posted 16 days ago
I tried watching this series and could not understand the story very well, plus I need to use my hobby time for anime/manga.
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Posted 15 days ago
It was fun enough. It started a bit slow, but the end of the first season was great. I didn't like, however, how closely it tied into Captain America 2. You really needed to see the movie at the appropriate point to get the most of the series.
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Posted 9 days ago
I watched a few episodes and lost interest, even though i am a big Marvel fanboy. Maybe because it is on tv, not netflix.
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Posted 8 days ago
Watched all the episodes and can't wait for the return. Never been much of a Marvel guy just know when everything clicks for me.
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