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Post Reply New Fall Titles: Beyond the Boundary, Golden Time, Miss Monochrome
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Posted 10/2/13
I think I will really like Beyond the Boundary! The characters are very intriguing. Akihito is cute and kind. Mirai is very unique.
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Posted 10/3/13 , edited 10/3/13

TheAncientOne wrote:

mendo_shutaro wrote:

For the £5 a month CR costs, you could get a Netflix or LoveFilm sub, which won't help with anime, but will at least deliver a mountain load of other content, and vastly more than CR provide.

It is interesting you suggest Netflix, since they have exactly the same "problem" you criticize CR for: Charging the same for less content than they deliver in the United States.

As of this month, the US Netflix library was over 10,000 titles, vs. a bit over 3,000 for the UK.

I was comparing CR UK to Netflix UK as a straight value for money proposition, as you well know.

Comparing Netflix US to Netflix UK is far more complex than comparing CR US to CR UK. Netflix UK is not a subset of Netflix US. While there are of course common titles, there are also many unique titles. Netflix UK have their own content deals, and from time to time get big properties which Netflix US lacks. That's not to say Netflix UK doesn't need to improve, as it clearly does, especially as it currently trails far behind LoveFilm when it comes to amount (and arguably quality) of content.

If CR UK operated in the same way, that would certainly ease the anger UK subscribers currently have with CR UK. Instead we have the worst of both worlds - dramatically less content with nothing to compensate.

When I finish watching the shows I currently have in my queue I shall have to seriously consider cancelling my CR sub, as I just don't see the value in paying £5 a month for what are, to my eyes, a handful of minor shows from the bottom of the barrel.

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Posted 10/3/13
Do you know where you can stream it? I couldn't find it on funimation
The Wise Wizard
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Posted 10/3/13

WrecklessWolf wrote:

Do you know where you can stream it? I couldn't find it on funimation

I assume you were replying to this message, and were talking about Freezing Vibration.

Funimation hasn't even announced it yet, much less started to stream it. Based on past seasons, there is a good chance they won't even announce it before it premiers in Japan, and an even greater chance they will be late in starting the simulcast for it. It hasn't been that unusual for Funimation to be 1-3 weeks late in starting a simulcast, although they do catch up.

As a tip, you should use the "quote" function when replying to a specific message, as the "reply" button simply does the same thing as scrolling down to the bottom of the page and using that box to post a new message.

Posted 10/15/13
Golden Time was the first anime I added to my watchlist on here for this new Autumn 2013 season :)

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Posted 11/14/13
My fall anime is "PACKED" on Crunchyroll, so it'd be a shame if I had none for Winter. Gotta' find out what shows will be playing and what aren't. Otherwise i'll be watching these awesome Winter anime in crappy quality. And i don't plan on downloading the episodes for better quality either, too much work and don't have the time when i can just type this in my search bar and go right to my queue for all the HD action! lol.
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