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Biggest Surprise/Disappointment of Summer 2013
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Posted 10/3/13 , edited 10/3/13
Biggest surprises: Free! - I ignored this one at first, thought it was solely for the yaoi fanbase. Turns has great animation, great music, loveable characters minus Rin, and a very enjoyable albeit somewhat cheesy storyline. The fanservice is just icing on the cake for me, but that's not to say I didn't like it. I'm glad KyoAni didn't go overboard, though. Ending was on the disappointing side, but solid. 8/10.

Sunday Without God - I went in blind, not knowing what to expect with this one. What I got was absolutely gorgeous animation and an interesting concept that had me wanting more with every episode. The ending was just all right, though, as it left too many questions unanswered. I'm not expecting a second season, however. The series' overall sales are pitiful, which is sad. Also 8/10.

Biggest disappointments: Day Break Illusion - First 6 episodes were awesome, but the last 7? Yeah, not so much. Tries to be Madoka-like only with Tarot cards, but falls flat on its face. Great voice-acting, clean animation (albeit with somewhat disturbing head-to-body proportions, stick-thin bodies with heads twice the size of shoulders? Yikes.) and great music fail to make up for the hole-filled second half, topped off by one of the worst endings I've ever seen.

Watamote - I couldn't sit through this one. I didn't find anything about it to be funny. Couldn't relate to any of the characters, either. Watching this series was a chore.
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Posted 10/3/13
I Biggest surprise and disappointment: Sunday Without God

The first three episodes was great. When I first watch it and seen the child beating and killing I was like WTF!?! Then after I watch the story unfold it was one of the best of the season. After that arc, the rest of the arc's couldn't live up to the first one, making me want more. Yes there were key points that made me watch it through to the end and that the last arc was closes that lived up to the first 3 episodes. But, overall their was to many miss opportunities.
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Posted 10/3/13

iblessall wrote:
Biggest Disappointment:
Sunday Without God Wasted a beautiful world and a stellar first three episode by losing focus in the middle of the show. Such a shame.

Hooray, someone who agrees with me. At least the ED was amazing, imo.

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Posted 10/3/13
The biggest surprise for me would have to be Kinmoza. I read all of the reviews before watching and I was expecting some random weird doesn't make sense kind of anime. But really it was cute and I loved it so much!!
Well the biggest disappointment would have to be C3. The first few episodes were great but the main story line- I just didn't like it. I guess I had some high hopes for this one.
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Posted 10/5/13
Biggest Surprise:
Uchouten Kazoku
The story did not sound very appealing and it was unclear where its heading, but it turned out to a crazy mix of slice of life of tanuki, family drama and comical moments. Unexpected nice watch.

The World God Only Knows
After an average first season it went into a decline, so I did not expect much from season 3. Right from the first episode the Goddess Arc was surprisingly good - may it be pacing or story development. Great season.

Biggest Letdown:
Makai Ouji
It started off so well, but went into a constant decline and later on was filled up with half-assed characters and a totally dumb conclusion. There was so much potential, but it was wasted in terrible ways.

Gen`ei o Kakeru Taiyou
I don't know where to start with this show.. may it be the pseudo psychological approach to explain the meaning of loss, the hardship of the characters - everything felt so plump and meretricious.. was it meant to be a bad twin of puella? Urgh.

Honorable mention:
I don't know how to feel about "Free!".. is this the feeling that girls have when watching Amagami? If yes... I'am terribly sorry.
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