Hey would love some help
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Posted 10/5/13
Haven't cosplay at any cons in a couple years. And i just been thinking of restarting cosplaying again.
Does anyone know if i can have a full beam saber" like a lightsaber "with the plastic blade that light up at comic con in san diego?
I also want to do negi springfield with staff. But dont know if im allowed to use wood on the staff any more. I am thinking it be better to use foam. any advice?
also thinking of kinji toyama fromaria the scarlet ammo. and the gun i dont know if to make out of wood or resin.
Haven't used resin in a while, ether so not sure.
Havent been in the last 2 year with school.
I would like some help and advice
Please and thanks
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Posted 10/5/13
I'm giving it a quick search myself, but remember to check the con-policies page for any con you're going to. Of the con's I go to they have highly-variable rules.

One prevents anything weapon-like, so you'd best make it out of card-board and sharpie if you want to pose with it, don't get me started on costume limitations.

And the other allows anything short of military grade explosives(Ok not THAT much but, A-con was absurdly lax in comparison to other con's I've been at)

Alright, according to the best policy page I could find, it should all be safe to make what you want. I'm not sure why you think wood wouldn't be allowed, but that also varies highly. I'm not a fan of Foam for my non-projectile weapons. Hell, they sell plastic lightsabers at walmart for 8 year olds, I'm sure adults don't mind seeing a few at a convention famous for it's crazy costumes.

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Posted 10/6/13
Thanks, it San Diego Comic Con, Salt Lake Comic Con, Japan Expo Usa and Animebanzai.

Not a fan of of cardboard and paint and sharpie. no offense.

yes that is true it goes differently for each con.
Salt lake comic con, i was with friends that have the staff made of wood and staff took it for the day. But they change there mind after the second day wood didn't matter as much as metal.

I rather not touch foam much but will have to on some. but I am thinking, i rather make it out of resin and wood and some foam swords when i have to.

I rather not have have to buy another lightsaber, even 8 dollar because i got one of the fx lightsaber building kits one.
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Posted 11/25/14
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