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Posted 10/5/13

A few days ago I noticed that all non-english subtitles for various shows, including Naruto, are gone. Even for older episodes that used to have them ... As a consequence nothing shows up on my iOS/Apple TV as they are configured in French.

What's going on ? I have emailed support but no answer yet.

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Posted 10/5/13

I think this is because Genzai, which previously used Crunchyroll's framework, is no longer operating, so it's no longer possible to watch some shows through the Crunchyroll website/apps in France, since it doesn't have the appropriate licenses. I believe I've read in the French forums that at least Naruto Shippuden is still available, but only in English.

Nonetheless, you'd probably be better off asking the staff at the French support forums and/or reading this topic.
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