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Starting Anime Recap Show for CR. Recruiting Co-Hosts!
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24 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 10/6/13

This does sound fun.
But no, CR is full of **** so I don't really want to do this for them.
Plus I'm only active during the weekends.

I respectfully decline your invite,
but if this happens (which I think it will )
I'll definitely tune in!

Created by chrome_mist
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27 / M / Lawrenceville, GA
Posted 10/6/13

lolitsronald wrote:

It seems fun... but i dont have a skype plus im 16... most people wouldnt want to listen to a 16 year talk about anime.... xD

But i do watch a lot of the current season anime legally too so im a big fan! I like to disscuss anime and i have a tiny collection of dvds so... yeah...

I've met 16 year olds who have mature sounding voices where people have mistaken them for in their early-late 20s. Though I'm not worried persay about age specifically as were looking for just well knowledgeable individuals who can articulate their thoughts throughout discussion of the shows/episodes. If you feel that you fit the requirements in the OP, feel free to hmu on skype: bossnasti for more details or even to talk more if you'd like. I'm always looking for more people to talk anime with.

Davidvauhn wrote:

I am interested, but same as lolits I am only 16, but I do have a webcam, and am watching most of what is currently airing.

As I responded towards lolits, if you sound mature/older and are able to articulate your thoughts well & fit the above requirements, feel free to contact me via skype: bossnasti for more info.
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Posted 10/6/13


This appears to be a personal thread, so I have to close it for now - I'd suggest introducing yourself in the existing thread if you haven't already, though!

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