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Posted 4/28/15 , edited 4/28/15
What a final! . I totally love it. But for me still unbelievable the way Onoda resist him first interescolar.
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Posted 5/17/15 , edited 28 days ago
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Posted 5 days ago

So I actually really loved this series. Onoda is a little refreshing to the sports anime committee because he isn't one of those super first-years that come out of nowhere and have years of intense secret training with Buddhist monks or something. He is a normal(ish) guy that puts his all into a sport. He doesn't know everything there is to know about cycling and it kind of puts him on the same level as the audience.

Although his high cadence pedaling is abnormal, he still has a lot to learn about teamwork and perseverance; these traits were things that made the manga series more believable. His original goal isn't to win anything at Inter-High or to be the best climber, his goal is to be able to hang out with his friends. The last episode made me a little teary-eyed because he was finally able to go to Akiba with his friends.

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