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Post Reply Anime Series with Worst Fanbase
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Posted 3/16/14
I usually don't like to be negative but I guess I have to say this.....

Gurren Lagann it gets a lot of hype but idk me personally I'm not too interested in it.

Death Note- I like Death Note, I think's it's an interesting series but I have no problem with people saying that it's overrated, 2nd half was bad, etc, etc. I like L he's a great character but the L fan-girls can so annoying at times. Their like "Don't you DARE insult my L!" and I'm like OMG shut-up.
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21 / M / The Village Hidde...
Posted 3/16/14
One Piece fans
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Posted 3/16/14
A certain series (A certain Magical Index, a Certain scientific Railgun) whenever Mikoto appears, there is a little too much hype and too little focus on other characters... (It's also underhyped when she's not there... it is an amazing series with many other great characters.)

I for one really don't think Kill la Kill is overhyped considering how many people seem to hate it without even watching it...

Attack on Titan, Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion (fans of these series like claiming they're the best series ever out there and no one else can have another opinion)

The big shonen 5 except for Fairy Tail.

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Posted 3/16/14

I'm a fan and yet I agree with this so much.
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Posted 3/16/14 , edited 3/16/14

Seabound117 wrote:

Death Note, Free!, Dragon Ball Z, SAO

RWBY and Kill La Kill seems like they may hit this level

To be far RWBY is branching out to more than anime fans since it's Rooster Teeth

There are anime I will defend but I won't become a psycho and bash on people. If they don't like it they don't like I can't do anything about it besides pointing out the good parts of the anime
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Posted 3/17/14
Literally all of them.

They're all scum. They're all obnoxious.

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Posted 3/17/14

GoldTStar wrote:

After seeing the "Series with the Worst Fanbase" topic in general discussions and getting a good laugh...
What Anime series has a large following that you cannot stand?
DOES NOT mean you hate the show, its just you don't like how the fanbase hypes it up.

For me, i would say...
Sword Art Online
Fairy Tail
To-Love Ru
High School DxD
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Gurren Lagann
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
Sunday Without God
------>SCHOOL DAYS<--------

Red equals huge offenders

LMFAOOO School Days. Real Talk.
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