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Posted 10/7/13
I vote LOVE IT!!! It's got a good story and the animation is AMAZING and STUNNING!!! I can't wait to see more!!!
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Posted 10/7/13 , edited 10/8/13
P.A. Works does master see this kind of Anime, at this level, on a season type of Anime, and not a movie, is a real treat. I love Animation of this caliber and P.A. Works always comes through. I look forward to seeing more of this quality in the Future and any other "Works" they may be pursuing of this type...
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Posted 10/8/13
Couldn't have said it better myself Bankshot. I have been a fan of P.A. Works for quite some time now and once again they don't disappoint. Not sure about the whole story line yet but I haven't seen a P.A. Works that I didn't enjoy the story on yet even if I wasn't thrilled about the story or premise in the beginning. The animation alone is enough to keep me watching for now.
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