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For those who don't understand what's going on and don't mind spoilers, this will clear you a couple of things. Like I said in the title it is a rough summary with the important things that happen and maybe I'll miss something because I don't remember or because chinese is not my forte and some things I may not have noticed.

BTW, when I visited wikipedia many things were wrong (although somebody who did read the manga corrected them recently) and on MAL also some facts were wrong until I changed them. What's my point with this? Don't always trust wikipedia.

Now to the summary. I'll start with some important facts for those who don't want many details:
- There's been a timeskip of 23 years.
- Sorinozuka was the only one who survived (don't remember if they went into detail about how he survived but I think that no)
- These characters that appeared (and the ones who have yet to appear after ch19) are reincarnated versions of the characters we knew and loved; all of them still have their previous personality. All of them except Soushi, Watanuki and Ririchiyo do remember their past life although as you noticed in ch19 Ririchiyo starts to remember upon seeing Sorinozuka
- I assume that Chino (the maid) also reincarnated since in ch21 you see that Ririchiyo and Chino are in the same class. The crossdressed maid is still a maid in Maison de Ayakashi (now with longer hair).
- The current people in Maison de Ayakashi and their ages:
1st floor. Ririchiyo (15 years) and her SS is Soushi (22 years)
2nd floor. Watanuki (age unknown, I think he's in middle school) and his SS is Karuta (20 years)
3rd floor. Kagerou (21 years) and his SS is Natsume (22 years)
4th floor. Chino (age unknown) and her SS in an unknown guy
Sorinozuka (41 years) and Nobara (14 years) don't live in Maison de Ayakashi but they visit it. I think that they live together or at least one they visit each other since there is a scene with the two of them alone somewhere.
- Inugami, Shimone and Kuroe also reincarnated
- Soushi if you remember was cursed before dying. What does it mean? That he's destined to die the same way as his previous self.

Now the summary of each chapter (some may have more details than others):
Ch 20. After seeing Sorinozuka, Ririchiyo collapses and wakes up crying in a hospital after dreaming about Soushi's death. Soushi is there and contorts her. They talk, don't remember what they talked about but at some point Soushi takes off his glasses and from now on he doesn't wear them except when he is in his room like the previous Soushi.

Ch21. Chino and Ririchiyo are in class when suddenly... Kagerou appears! I think that since he travels a lot he still is in high school (or maybe he's just a bad student) but Soushi, Kagerou and Natsume were friends from high school (girls loved them). After that some funny and random stuff, don't remember if anything more worth mentioning happened.

Ch 22. This is chapter where Souko appears! Souko is just Soushi transformed into a girl (one of his powers, Souko will appear in anime episode 13). He appears as Souko in school briefly since Ririchiyo immediately knew Souko was him. At the end of this chapter we see Natsume talking to Nobara through the phone.

Ch 23. Sorinozuka and Nobara go to Maison de Ayakashi to visit Kagerou and Natsume who are happy of seeing them; the 4 of them go to a restaurant where they see Karuta already eating. While eating they talk about all the stuff that happened, that it has already been 23 years since the battle with Inugami, about reincarnation and about Ririchiyo and Soushi.

Ch 24. One of my favorite chapters. In this chapter we see Watanuki, who is now a kid, with his 3 friends and he is like the leader of the group admired by them. While speaking Karuta appears and hugs Watanuki (his face being buried between her big boobs) making him embarrassed. After that we see how Karuta is all love-dovey with him, note that she remembers how she loved him in her previous life but he doesn't so he gets mad at her because of her attitude, especially when she acts like that in front of his friends. He is depressed later because he said awful things to her while being mad, but after a conversation with Chino and Natsume he decides to find her and apologize. Like always, when he finds Karuta she is just eating like nothing happened. While apologizing, Watanuki tells Karuta something (dammit I can't remember and I'm too lazy to look at the chapter now) and she starts to cry in the middle of the street. Soushi is watching them form the distance and speaks through the phone with Natsume and Kagerou to tell them that everything is solved between Karuta and Watanuki. Kagerou tells Natsume that he is still watching over Watanuki despite not being his SS or something along the lines and he gets a little bit embarrassed.

Ch 25. We see reincarnated Shimone and Kuroe. It is mainly the typical beach chapter with the residents and SS of the mansion. Ririchiyo is alone and Kagerou appears and sort of forces her to remember her precious life, during that scene she slaps him and his mask falls so we finally see Kagerou's face! (he's like a dark haired Soushi imo). After that Ririchiyo cries and we see Soushi hearing everything although he doesn't look surprised.

Ch 26. The chapter starts with Ririchiyo and the rest of the cast like in their previous lives and you're like what? But aren't they dead? Is this some flashback? The answer in the next chapter!

Ch 27 Sorinozuka runs towards a room where Natsume is and he looks at Ririchiyo in bed. Remember the yokai that appears in the ch14 during Nobara's side job? The raccoon which makes people dream of their happiest moment and takes them away or something like that? Ririchiyo is victim of 3 of this yokai and is dreaming about 23 years ago during her previous life. One of them takes Soushi's form.
Karuta and Nobara appear to save her, Ririchiyo is happy to see them since she now remembers everything. Ririchiyo goes into her yokai form and decides to eliminate the yokais herself.

Ch 28-30 Many things happen (sorry I'm getting lazy but most of them are usual funny InuBoku stuff). Ririchiyo doesn't want Soushi as her SS because he isn't the Soushi he loved and because she wants to protect him (they know that the same event that killed them will happen again so she wants to avoid Soushi's death).
Soushi excavates the Sakura tree and opens the box with letters, Kagerou and Natsume are suspicious of him and they interrogate him. We learn about Soushi's past, he like the previous one, lived under house arrest until Kagerou's mother (previous Kagerou's mother who is now old) rescues him. After that he keeps seeing girls with black hair and getting a nostalgic feeling. Later he explains how he fell in love with Ririchiyo and that he discovered the messages and Ririchiyo's photos that the previous Soushi kept.

Ch 31 Watanuki is being bullied by some guys older than him but he is saved by a boy. This boy is Inugami. Watanuki is impressed by the way he saved him so he wants to be his friend. They go to Inugami's house and they eat together. After that they continue to see each other (Watanuki even presents Inugami to his friends).

Ch 32 Nobara makes Karuta and Ririchiyo wear different costumes, Watanuki is forced to be dressed up as a cheerleader girl. Natsume and Kagerou crossdress to Nobara's disgust. Ririchiyo goes outside the mansion and she finds Sorinozuka, they have a talk and she tells him that she isn't sure if she loves Soushi for what he is or just because he is the reincarnation of the previous Soushi whom she loved. Sorinozuka says that she doesn't have to think about complicated stuff, she loves him and that's it. The chapter ends with Shimone and Kuroe under a sakura tree and Inugami appears behind them with that evil smile of his.

Ch 33-35 There's some cute conversations in these chapters but I'll go to the really important stuff. Watanuki finds a note written by Inugami saying that they will never see again. He goes to Natsume so that he uses his power to find him. Natsume is surprised when he learns that Watanuki's friend is Inugami and they go to Shimone's mansion, there they see that Kuroe has been cursed and doesn't allow them to pass.
Ririchiyo decides to fight her while the rest continue. They fight and Kuroe is about to kill her but Soushi appears. Soushi says that he loves Ririchiyo and even if she doesn't want to see him, he will protect her. In the end Ririchiyo is the one who protects Soushi against Kuroe and takes the blow, not without confessing that she loves him and she really treasures the moments they shared like the one in ch19 when Soushi wants to read the books that she read.
With his power, Natsume sees that Ririchiyo was hit and Sorinozuka wants to return to check on her but Natsume tells him that she isn't going to fie and that Soushi is with her. In Shimone's mansion, everybody is dead except a servant who is found by Watanuki, she tells them that Shimone is in the sakura tree.
When they arrive, Shimone is alone under the sakura tree. She says that the sakura tree has the power to go back to the past, but if you go to the past then you won't be able to return and you can't reincarnate anymore. Inugami for some reason has gone to the past. The group wants to stop him and they argue about who travels to the past. Sorinozuka says he has lived long and was the one who survived so he doesn't care about not reincarnated but Nobara disagrees saying that he'll be useless and that her powers are more suited to stop Inugami. Natsume also volunteers.

While they are arguing Kagerou touches the tree. Kagerou's dialogue during this moment:
"While you guys are having your inner conflicts, I who makes the first move is a real S!!"
"Send my regards to my ex-fiancee (Ririchiyo) and Soushi."
"Goodbye my beloved meat-tools!"
Aaaaaand this is last thing we know until we get the next chapter

Chapter 18 was the end of the "Chapter 1:Prologue". Chapter 36 will be the end of "Chapter 2".
Sorry for the long post and hope it helps!
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Glad to help! Realized that I didn't put the summary on chapter 36, which is very interesting

Kagerou was about to go to the past through the sakura tree until Karuta stops him because she wants him to be with the rest. It was a pretty cute scene which shows how much Karuta and Kagerou care about each other.

Watanuki then has an idea: instead of sending a person, why not send letters?
Everybody is amazed, Renshou even asked Watanuki if he remembered something about his previous life but he has no clue about what he's talking.They think it is a good idea.

Renshou starts to remember about 23 years ago and gets nostalgic. He wonders if he can send some object from the future to the past and about what he should put in his letter to his past self. He says that he read the contents of the letter he wrote back then (the one of episode 12 of the anime) and was surprised about the amount of random stuff he wrote. Nobara answers him saying that her letter also had random things.
Nobara asks him if he was the one who most suffered because he saw them die and was the only one left. He answers her that no, he had other friends, he had a lover and even got married and had children. But he confesses that he tried to forget them but in the end it was impossible for him. He starts to cry and Nobara hugs him.

Karuta tells Watanuki everything, about how they were childhood friends, how he swore to protect her... He gets embarrassed because he doesn't remember anything. Karuta says that Watanuki has saved her and the rest (thanks to the idea of send the letters to warn their past selves).
Watanuki then admits that it is strange, he feels like they're going to disappear (because when they send the letters to the past the future is going to change so technically they will not exist anymore) but he isn't afraid.
Karuta responds that she isn't afraid and reveals the contents of the letter that the previous Watanuki wrote in the time capsule (the one of the last episode of the anime). That letter was addressed to Karuta which expresses his feelings for her and that no matter how many times they die and reincarnate, he will always be besides her and protect her. Watanuki is really embarrassed when he hears that and negates everything going all tsundere. At the end of the scene they hold hands and Karuta asks him if he read the letter that her previous self wrote.

Now we're with Kagerou and Natsume. Kagerou has told Ririchiyo and Soushi about the letter thing (Riri is hospitalized because of her fight with Kuroe) but left early because he wanted them to spend time together. Natsume teases him about how much he cares for others. They talk about what will happen to them and so on.

And finally a scene with Ririchiyo and Soushi. Soushi is crying and asking her why she protected him, if she did it because he looks like "that man" (the current Soushi refers to the previous Soushi by that man). She admits that she doesn't love him, he isn't the previous Soushi so she can't love him. She says that maybe if they had more time she would have been able to love him, but even so she still considers him as someone special. She talks about how much he resembles the previous Soushi and she apologizes about being unable to fulfill the promise of bearing Soushi's child.
Soushi puts on his glasses and says that he is happy with Ririchiyo's answer, that is more than enough. He tells her that they should start writing the letter to that man, that he wants to save him and the rest.

Now the chapter goes to the past, to the moment when Renshou is digging a hole for the time capsule in order to help the cook's son. Everything is the same until the cook's son finds something strange... another time capsule has been already buried!

End of the second chapter (arc): If

The second chapter is basically an alternative future. Now they have to stop Inugami and avoid dying or the same dark future will happen again!
I'm happy we're back to the "main timeline"

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Sorry, this isn't really a discussion starter - it's just copies of reviews from another site. Perhaps you could rephrase into a IxB SS general manga discussion and link to the reviews as part of that (rather than using a huge copy & paste).

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