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Galilei Donna Discussions
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Posted 12/26/13 , edited 12/26/13

VanishingKira wrote:

Episode 12
Galileo the most famous lolicon in existence.

I don't know about that. I'd say that people like Jerry Lee Lewis, who actually married a 13 year old girl, who was his first cousin once removed (in other words, his cousin's daughter) top Galileo in this case. Especially since the Galileo in the show looked to only be about three or four years older than Hozuki.
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Posted 12/27/13
Galilei Donna is an example of a show that started out great and then jumped the shark. Seemed like they just tried to do too much in the 12 episode span.

I still say the turning point was the hospital episode. where all 3 factions some how end up in the same building even though they all have state of the art airships/mecha. That episode, to me, was the worst one of the entire series. Logistically it made no sense.

Despite the poor pacing and deus ex machina that seemed to happen far too often, I did enjoy the series.
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