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Your Top 3 Underrated Series
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27 / M / Michigan
Posted 11/9/13 , edited 11/9/13
I know all of these are relatively newer, but they are fresher in my mind:

1. Rinne no Lagrange - Great characters/character development, very strong female lead, very solid mecha action and soundtrack

2. Amagami SS - Personally, my vote for one of the best harem anime ever made. Wonderful art style, surprisingly likable male lead

3. [C] - Artist-Gone-Mad presentation, incredibly unique, engaging premise, even if a little convoluted at times...
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24 / M
Posted 11/9/13
1. Beelzebub - I recently read it and got up to date. I really like this manga; the story is pretty funny and epic simultaneously. However, the fights are a little rushed in my opinion. I really like the idea of the story and I hope that the popularity can grow and the anime can come back.

2. Green Blood- Really cool western manga. The art is amazing as well. Super cool moments too with Brad being a boss and now Luke is too.

3. Magi- Well Magi's popularity has really grown so I'm not sure if it can still be considered underrated. However, I really enjoy Magi. It's manga version of Aladdin except cooler. It's very entertaining as well. If you haven't read it, you definitely should.
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24 / M / Indonesia
Posted 11/10/13
Sora no Otoshimono - A generic ecchi harem manga most of the time, but the drama and plot twists slipped in between the fanservice is actually quite good.

Battle Royale - Best survival series i've read/watched hands down, definitely better than the overrated Hunger Games.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin Majo - This series definitely needs more love, got me hooked on the series in only a few chapters.
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22 / F / Tiphares
Posted 11/10/13 , edited 11/10/13
I know others have stated this as well, but almost none of the titles people are listing are underrated. Not even in the slightest.

Here's my top three:

1.) Harukana Machi-E ~ On his way back from a business trip, the protagonist decides on a whim to take a train back to his old hometown. The moment he pays respects to his mother's grave in the transformed town, he is transported back to a summer when he was still in junior high school, only with all his middle-age consciousness, knowledge and abilities intact.

2.) Bradherley no Basha ~ Every year, Lord Nicola A. Bradherley, one of Europe's leading aristocrats, sends his coach round to various orphanages to adopt little girls and trains them to join his opera troupe. But most of these girls never make it onto the stage—a far more sinister fate awaits them, sacrificed in the name of the greater good.

3.) Again!! ~ Imamura Kinichiro reluctantly wakes up one day to attend his high school graduation. He'd made no friends in high school and joined no clubs. Everyone was afraid of him, due to his long blond hair and surly attitude. Reflecting on his awful high school years, he remembers a girl from the Japanese cheering squad that he saw in the welcome ceremony three years ago. Searching for the old cheering squad's clubroom, he accidentally startles a classmate, causing them both to fall down a flight of stairs...

When he wakes up, it's the morning of his first day of high school, three years ago. As he confusedly goes through his day, he's able to correct a lot of the mistakes he made the first time around, such as actually interacting with the cheering squad girl, Usami Yoshiko! But did he really travel in time, or is this all just a dream he's having while his body is lying unconscious somewhere? Could he really have the chance to go through his high school years again?

Out of the three, Again!! is the one I like the most, yet the one that's the most underrated of the three is Harukana. Of course, there are a few others, but the limit is three so...
Posted 11/11/13 , edited 11/11/13
Tough- read it

Vagabond- READ IT.

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29 / M
Posted 11/11/13 , edited 11/11/13
The God of Highschool: Subversion of fighting shonen tropes with a surprising plot with a badass cast. Plus, it's a free weekly webcomic manwha, in COLOR which is nice.

Special Martial Arts Extreme Hell Private High School: It's not a deconstruction or reconstruction, it's more like hardcore fucking-with everything in a normal fighting genre and calling it a pussy. It's more ridiculous than anything out there

Addicted to Curry: There is tons of plot and backbone in this story. There are also lots of recipes at the end of an arc and references to GTO.

Gun X Clover: Big breasted harem. Check. Shota male bishonen. Check. Secretly a 40 year old unaging badass mercenary-assassin who gets the bitches. Check

Onepunch Man: Exactly what the title says. A deconstruction manga about a man who is so legit, that he kills all enemies with one punch. But his life is boring because he's too strong.
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29 / F / Frozen North
Posted 11/14/13
HAHAHAHA!!!! This "Underrated" section that people are spitting out is hillarious... well here are three that ACTUALLY are.

Blade of the Immortal
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27 / F
Posted 11/15/13
Well thank you for mentioning Monster!
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29 / M
Posted 11/15/13 , edited 11/16/13
The God of High School: Super underrated, and a really good and colorful manwha.
fighting manwha.
Rosario + Vampire: Maybe not as underrated, but not seen by most people who watched the shitty anime IMO.
Special Martial Arts Extreme Hell Private High School: Trollest manwha ever LOL.
Break Blade: It's really good. And the anime is the shit.
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Posted 11/16/13
I completely agree with you on The Breaker. It's such a good series, but it doesn't get a lot of fame or recognition. When I started reading it it sounded so generic, but it was actually pretty cool and entertaining to watch.

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas- I know that Omega is out and is doing pretty poorly, but this is one of those anime that stand out in the Saint Seiya series. The drawing is completely different from the original series, but it actually looks really professional, and detailed. It looks corny, but it is just amazing. The Holy Wars, Athena, Hades, Spectors, Saints, and fate. It's beyond amazing.

Ga Rei Zero is definitely another one. I've never gotten a chance to see the manga, but the anime takes it way over the top. Would you kill someone you love because of love? I love the concept. The prequel to the manga, and a masterpiece to behold. School girls hunting demons sounds generic, but this one doesn't really focus a lot of time on that. It's more about the relationship stuff.
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29 / M
Posted 11/16/13 , edited 11/16/13
1:Karakuri Circus
2: Ubel Blatt
3: Zettai Karen Children
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27 / M / Somewhere.... per...
Posted 11/24/13
1. Pokemon Adventure! (Not childish like the anime... I think it should be more popular...)

2. Shaman King

3. Pandora Hearts

& many more... but this are the 3 that immediately came to mind...
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27 / M / US
Posted 11/24/13 , edited 11/26/13
1. Sunabou (Deserk Punk) - Best of two worlds. While it has a post apocalyptic setting, the main characters center around comic relief and humor. This is probably one of the funniest anime you'll ever watch. Note: It starts picking up on about episode 3, and the English dub is better in terms of humor.

2. Binbo-gami ga! (Good Luck Girl!) - Starts off within the slice of life and comedy genre but later enters in to the spiritual action/adventure genre. If you watch the anime, I recommend continuing with the manga.

3. Aishīrudo 21 (Eyeshield 21) - It might be known but it's not well known. Like other sports anime such as, Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko's Basketball), it's American football manga/series that will always make you want see wants next for the characters. It has a large cast of characters who develop and grow throughout the series, working hard for their goals, learning from their victories and defeats and transitioning from individuals to a strong united team of friends and comrades.
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42 / M / Minnesota, USA
Posted 11/25/13 , edited 11/25/13
1. Ore ga Doutei o Sutetara Shinu Ken ni Tsuite - A standard high school harem with the twist that the MC has time slipped into the past to avoid his "nice boat" ending. Unfortunately he finds he does even better with the girls by being a good guy than he did being a Casanova.

2. Gun x Clover - Mindless action with badass characters. The MC looks like the standard weakling kid, but...

3. Nana to Kaoru - A cute love story buried up to it's chin in kinkiness. Definitely 18+, but not porn.

EDIT: I'll throw Mysterious Girlfriend X out there as well. I don't think it's underrated on this site, but it is elsewhere. It's kind of like a PG-13 version of Nana to Kaoru. If you can get past the drool thing, you'll find a surprisingly clever high school romcom/drama. A cut above the rest.
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23 / M
Posted 11/25/13
Nichijou and Lucky Star. Can't think of a third at the moment.

Lucky Star and Nichijou are truly gems hidden in the anime industry. They both sold badly if I remember correctly, and for you unlucky souls who haven't watched either yet, why Crunchyroll has them both. They can be a bit awkward at times, but they'll both have you rolling in time.

For those who haven't watched Nichijou and are unsure of whether or not it is worth their time, I would recommend watching the Shrine Incident in episode 19. If that doesn't have you laughing, I'm not sure Nichijou is right for you.

Can't really recommend a moment for Lucky Star. The whole thing, like Nichijou, is slapstick humor, sprinkled with light fanservice and untranslated jokes in CR's sub. But unlike Nichijou I can't recommend a specific moment. Just check both of them out if you have the time. They're great and REALLY under-appreciated gems of anime that really need to get more attention. I would recommend Gintama but I'm unsure of whether or not it is underrated. Most people here seem to recommend Gintama over Lucky Star or Nichijou. I could just be browsing the wrong threads, but I dunno, seems like Gintama gets plenty of love to me.
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