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Posted 10/14/13 , edited 10/14/13
So, after using Crunchyroll for a few months, there's something that's been bothering me a bit. You ever notice on Netflix how when the show ends and it goes to the credits, it gives you the option to go to the next episode right then and there? That would be nice on Crunchyroll shows as well. Also, another idea that could be in consideration would be a skip intro button. I know for a fact I wouldn't want to watch an animes intro every time I went to the next episode.

I understand that it would be difficult for ALL the site moderators to go through each and every video, so an idea would be to allow premium members to select where the intro ends, and where the credits begin. (Allowing only premium members to do this edit would be reassurance some troll wouldn't just put the wrong stop and end points.)

If that's implemented, you should definitely reward achievements to those who've edited a certain amount of videos.

Just my 2 cents.

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Posted 10/14/13 , edited 10/14/13
Wrong forum section :P


But I like the idea, I think it would be nice, even so, I am a person that loves to watch Openings and Endings, mostly for the songs, but I think it would be awesome to have the option to skip it if you just feel like watching them. It's a very good implementation if someone were to marathon a series, because when you do that, you don't really watch all the endings and openings after every episode <.<
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Posted 10/14/13 , edited 10/14/13
I like the intros. Plus, I get really really irritated with Netflix cutting off episodes at the credits. Sorry, but I don't agree. Besides, some intros tell more of the story and you might miss what just happened.

Oh, and what above you said. Not the right spot.
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