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Post Reply Lag, Freezing, Stuttering Etc..
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Posted 5 days ago

ravenskull wrote:

Our Operations Team is hard at work to bring you these enhancements in the near future, and we again appreciate your patience as we work on improving your connectivity experience. In the meantime, if you have a mobile, console, or set top box device you may experience better connectivity when watching our content through a Crunchyroll app.

That was on 10/24/13....yeah still waiting

Haha...They told me that around six months ago as well.

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Posted 5 days ago
I don't think they care, as long as they're getting money.
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Posted 4 days ago
This is starting to feel like a joke. This post is being made at about 2:30 AM. My internet speed is solid but all of the Crunchyroll apps I have are failing. I don't think you can even get away with calling it a peek time for streaming traffic. This needs to be fixed because if it isn't, then I don't know why I should keep paying for it.

Now, to get my fix by watching FUNimation's app. I still can't believe that the quality of the Crunchyroll and FUNimation apps have switched.

P.S. I still find that auto-resolution changes (up or down) are a primary reason for some of the freezes I see, as the resolution will change for better or worse if the freeze resolves itself.
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Posted one day ago
Ho Hum and here we are again. It's closing in on a year since this issue was first raised and still no solution.
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Posted one day ago , edited one day ago
The CR guys did an ama on reddit a few days ago, and one person asked them why people should use their service over "free services" like torrenting.
Besides the fact that torrenting anime is illegal, there was absolutely no reason to use this service..

They offer a 1080p streaming option, but 90% of the time, that option is 99% buffering, 1% streaming.. disgraceful is what that is! And a bloody ripoff as well!
They charge $6.95 for something that works whenever it flippin feels like it..

People have been complaining about this issue for a really long time (i've been a member for 2 years+, and even back then people complained), but nothing, NOTHING, has happened. They have not done a single thing to try and improve their streaming service even slightly.

This next part could possibly get me banned from the site, but at this point I don't even care anymore, I have abandonned all hope for this site.

Torrenting people.. Now that works!
You go to a anime database somewhere, find a show you find interesting, go to a tracker and download it in 1080p with sweet audio and subtitle options.. No problems anywhere.. AND IT'S FLIPPIN FREE TOO!

Now some of you might be going "herpa derp, torrenting is illegal.. herpa derp support the artists"
Meh.. A lot of stuff is illegal, but you do it anyways.. Biking with no helmet.. throwing trash on the street.. stuff like that, and you know you do it! Don't even deny it.
As for the support of the artists, I buy the DVD's and blurays for shows I enjoy when they become available.

Seriously though, how can CR expect people to keep paying for a service that in no way delivers what they pay for, when other, much more attractive, and free, alternatives are out there?

If they want us to pay for this service, I say they up the price a few dollars, and invest in some proper servers spread out over the continents with the most traffic. This would give the users an awesome, and hazzlefree, service that actually worked.. A slightly higher price with streaming that works, vs. a "low" price with streaming that sucks.. I sure as hell know which one I'd go for.

Matingsgux over and out!
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