** The Wishing Game
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Posted 6/22/07 , edited 6/22/07
This is a really funny game that isn' too hard to do. If you have a really good imagination, you'll love it! The Rules are Simple:

1. The first person posts a wish.

2. The second poster grants the first wish, but with a twist so the granted wish is rendered useless. They then wish for something of thier own.

Poster #1: I wish I had a million dollars.

Poster #2: Granted, but you get it in pennies.

I will start:
I wish I could control nature
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Posted 6/22/07
This thread exists... I think it was called the "corrupted wish" thread. I'll look for it... :P

Here we go:
**Corrupted Wish

^ just for kicks... Granted, but you're a house fly. :D

EDIT: I don't know if you understood what my post meant, but I'm saying that this is a duplicate thread. Sorry. Check the link I posted here to find the already existing thread. You can play your game there.
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Posted 6/22/07
bye bye thread
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