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Posted 7/7/14
Thought I would ask here if anyone would know. I was wondering which was a better book to start learning Japanese? I just bought, I think, is the newer version of Japanese from Zero. I was wondering if Genki is a better book? J-list recommended it and was wondering if it was better.
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Posted 7/22/14
I've been working on learning for a couple of months so far. Writing hasn't gotten to far... but with my audio lessons I've learned introductions, where your from , what you do, time, numbers, and age. ^.^ I have a basic understanding of the numbers I am in no way fluent with them yet. I feel like I'm doing it all backwards though. I have a book that teaches me how to write but not what I'm writing. A book that teaches me how to read but not write, and audio lessons that I listen to in my car that do not correspond to what I'm learning in my work book. Regardless I am having fun and learning even if it is at a snails pace ^.^ I will definitely begin checking out the web sites listed here! Thank you Lorreen for this Thread!
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Posted 8/7/14
Some excellent links here! Thank you very much! I'm about 4 months into self teaching with 1 book and anime. Slow but working. These links should speed things up!
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Posted 8/11/14
You can use basically you help correct posts people make in your language and when you make a post in whatever language you're trying to learn, the native speakers of that language help you.

For Japanese, Dr. Moku really helped me with Hirgana and Katakana

I got the app from the android market, I usually practice when I'm sitting around somewhere with nothing to do.
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Posted 8/13/14 , edited 8/13/14
I use Memrise:
It's free! Be aware though, a lot of lessons have typing sections that require you to type in the actual language that you're learning. The reason I bring this up is because sometimes it won't work. You might type it correctly but it will still count as wrong. However, I've been told that it's a problem that's being worked on at the moment.
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Posted 17 days ago
Feel free to alter the post if these links have already been posted but after checking all the others I'll post my method lol.

I've been using It has everything from pronunciations to hiragana/katakana strokes and even has most of the grammar covered as well.

As for studying methods, I usually just use it's a flash card app. You can use it to make your own personal flashcard sets, or you can look on the website for prebuilt card sets that cover anything from kanji to JLPT5-1 vocab.

Hope this helps a bit.
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Posted 12 days ago
I'll come back here when I awake, I need to find a site to learn basic Japanese so I can take a trip and not know what I'm been told, and knowing what I eat and how to get around in trains.
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