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Post Reply Language Learning Help and Discussion Thread
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Posted 7/7/14
Thought I would ask here if anyone would know. I was wondering which was a better book to start learning Japanese? I just bought, I think, is the newer version of Japanese from Zero. I was wondering if Genki is a better book? J-list recommended it and was wondering if it was better.
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Posted 7/22/14
I've been working on learning for a couple of months so far. Writing hasn't gotten to far... but with my audio lessons I've learned introductions, where your from , what you do, time, numbers, and age. ^.^ I have a basic understanding of the numbers I am in no way fluent with them yet. I feel like I'm doing it all backwards though. I have a book that teaches me how to write but not what I'm writing. A book that teaches me how to read but not write, and audio lessons that I listen to in my car that do not correspond to what I'm learning in my work book. Regardless I am having fun and learning even if it is at a snails pace ^.^ I will definitely begin checking out the web sites listed here! Thank you Lorreen for this Thread!
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Posted 20 days ago
Some excellent links here! Thank you very much! I'm about 4 months into self teaching with 1 book and anime. Slow but working. These links should speed things up!
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Posted 15 days ago
You can use basically you help correct posts people make in your language and when you make a post in whatever language you're trying to learn, the native speakers of that language help you.

For Japanese, Dr. Moku really helped me with Hirgana and Katakana

I got the app from the android market, I usually practice when I'm sitting around somewhere with nothing to do.
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Posted 13 days ago , edited 13 days ago
I use Memrise:
It's free! Be aware though, a lot of lessons have typing sections that require you to type in the actual language that you're learning. The reason I bring this up is because sometimes it won't work. You might type it correctly but it will still count as wrong. However, I've been told that it's a problem that's being worked on at the moment.
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