Save Tron: Uprising!
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21 / M / Texas
Posted 10/28/13
Ok any Tron fans should sign this since well... It is a good show with great art I mean we as americans should have some pride in our art... I mean adventure time has terrible art so helloooo we need to save Tron: Uprising! So please sign this thing.

Do it for Quorra. And more anime pics like this!

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50 / M / KC
Posted 10/30/13
Fun show. Great music. I really hope they do another season.
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34 / M / VA
Posted 11/3/13
i really enjoyed Tron Uprising. it started out kinda slow but the last several episodes were really great.
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27 / M / Canada
Posted 11/10/13
Tron Uprising had a good story connecting the movies and building the Tron universe and it was one of the best shows to come out on tv in a while, but sadly when Disney says no more, it more then likely will never be looked at again. If they did anything Tron again (outside of a movie), it would be a show but it would not be Uprising, it would be a new show, because that is how Disney operates (i.e. look at the Clone Wars). And on a personal note I wasn't crazy about how everyone had elongated faces, but the overall style was good. Loved the neon, but really who doesn't love neon on everything.
Posted 11/14/13
I really really loved Tron: Uprising and the cliffhanger they left us on was SOOOO CRUEL!!!!!! I want to know!!!!
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Posted 11/25/14
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