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Posted 10/29/13
So there's a huge Assasin's Creed ad filling up the background and the space between the navbar and video sections.

Wtf is up with that? I've been a non-stop premium subscriber for years and I still have to see these ads?? Is it just me?
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Posted 10/29/13 , edited 10/29/13

Hey there!
"You will not see any display ads except for direct sponsorships, which may include integrated or special promotions. Premium Members will never see video advertisements for the videos in their section."

Since this is part of a special promotion, you'll see it on those selection screens.
However, it should not interfere with your enjoyment of the shows.
Meaning once you select a show, they shouldn't be there.
And, as always, you should get no ads during your videos.
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