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Post Reply Manga Reader: First Impressions and Suggestions
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Posted 1/5/15 , edited 6/17/15
A feature to remember your zoom level and making the scroll wheel move the pages rather than change them. The current inter phase is really not desktop friendly. At this rate the quality on free fan translation remains higher. They often have very high quality images equal if not better translations and a nicer inter phase. I cant bring myself to love this. I love its potential but I hate what it is right now.
I am sad that after months they seem to have fixed none of the inter phase issues though.
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Posted 1/7/15 , edited 1/8/15
Well I had a nice lengthy post written out but CR decided to log me out and I lost it all (thanks...), so here's my shortened version:

1) Make the bar on the bottom of fullscreen go invisible please, it sometimes blocks text

2) Please stop the reader from exiting fullscreen at the beginning of every chapter. It's really annoying if you're reading for longer periods of time.

3) The servers are really slow. This makes no sense, I'm trying to look at static images on a site that hosts HD anime. Please speed up your servers a bit!

4) There's no genre filters or ratings of any kind for the manga, nor is there availability information. Anime series have these, please add them for manga as well.

5) If a series is incomplete, an icon on the main page denoting that would be nice. I joined expecting that I could read the entirety of Fairy Tail or Attack on Titan, but they're missing WAY too many volumes. If I wanted to read Fairy Tail, I'd have to purchase 35 volumes first; that's almost $400 worth of manga that I'd have to buy physical before I could even read them here. At that point, why waste my money on a monthly digital manga subscription here when I'm already going to be crazy invested in the print copies? You know what that means? I'm not renewing unless I find a really good alternative reason, because I almost feel swindled out of my money. Nowhere does the main page state that some series are missing a few (or a TON) of volumes, and the manga is coined as "unlimited" in the features list. This all points to having complete series available. I've never seen partial anime series before, why is this so common on the manga?

6) No reviews/rating means I have no idea whether or not a series is well-liked by its readers on CR. Why is this not a feature, it's available on anime? Comments are there but so many of them spoil stuff I can't read them.
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Posted 1/13/15 , edited 1/13/15
The reader looks alright but there's no point for me if it isn't available in Japanese. I would really like to know if this is considered for the future because if it is, I might regularly check if it's become available. I'm already paying for anime, and you can sign me up for manga day one once Japanese manga becomes available.
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