Myths and Legends in Xbox Games
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Posted 10/30/13 , edited 11/19/14

As we all know the Halo series has a lot of myths.

Here are some that do work:

• Starting in Halo CE there are certain missions where you can get back in the pelican by throwing a grenade out on the level when you first encounter the flood. If you walk out long enough you will come across a solider, a small Easter egg, and when you hit the part where you go into the building you will see 3 floating guns firing.
• Another one is the talking grunt which is found in the last level. It's after echo 419 gets shot down and it's in one of those tube things.

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Posted 11/17/13
Does anybody know any other Secret pathways in Mortal Kombat Armageddon?
Posted 10/13/14
Anyone know of any more in different games?
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