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21 / M / Dressrosa
Posted 7/19/14 , edited 7/19/14
Well, I knew it would be too good to be true for CR to add episodes that are still not out on DVD yet. I thought they would add from 391 going onward since the official simulcast started with episode 391.

saksiss wrote:
I fucking know, right? Also it says episodes 517-574, but it only goes up to 541.. I've also been waiting months to watch the Thriller Bark Arc here on CR, but apparently asking for the episodes in order is too much. Before someone quotes this and says "Duuuh you can watch it on another website", well sorry but I prefer legal streaming.

517-574 is obviously the episodes for all of the Fishman Island arc. They always said they're going to add 20-30 episodes a week.
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21 / M / Arizona
Posted 7/19/14

Teviston wrote:

So, I'm glad they are putting up some of the older episodes, but they are skipping like a 192 eps. Why the giant gap?

They are likely waiting for Funimation to finish production of the subs since from when I last looked they are using the Funimation translations. Since Funimation has been busy completing Film Z the delay was likely inevitable but this is just speculation on my part so I may be way off on this.
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