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Posted 11/2/13
I am having a serious issue, because every month I am being billed 7 dollars for an account that I do know know of. I have created several accounts in the past, but I checked every one of them, and none of them have ever even used the card that is being charged. Could someone from staff stop this recurring payment please?
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 11/2/13
Hi there.

You would need to contact us via email. All billing inquiries are dealt with via support and not through public forums.

Email us at support with the following information:

-The amount charged
-The date of the transaction
-If you are being billed from a credit card:
-Your full name as it appears on your credit card
-The brand of your credit card (e.g. Visa)
-The last 4 digits of your credit card number
-The expiration date of your credit card
-The billing zip code of your credit card
-If you are being billed through PayPal:
-The primary email of your PayPal account

Make sure to email us with a reliable email address since we would need to contact each other back and forth.

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