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Post Reply Nisekoi Anticipation & Discussions
Posted 10/8/14 , edited 10/8/14
I also agree that she looks cute without her glassesSomeday, I want to see a chapter with Shu & glasses-less Ruri just spending the day together, but that will probably never happen :/
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19 / M / Florida
Posted 10/8/14
I miss Nisekoi. An ova is not enough. I need an Onodera hug. #TeamOnodera
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20 / M / New Zealand
Posted 10/8/14
Ruri gets the spotlight for the first half awesome. The second half was funny, especially the running away scene.
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20 / M / Colorado
Posted 10/19/14

Finally got around to watching this.


It was so great to see all the characters in action again and everything was hilarious. And I have to say that there was definitely a focus on Onodera this OVA (dat hug!). Seriously, I'd be fine with any of the girls getting with Raku, I love them all.

Also I liked Shu's position on how Raku and Onodera (and the other girls to an extent) have to figure out there own feelings and build up the courage to confess themselves. Still, I don't think Ruri telling Raku that she loves him would be bad, middle men help a lot of relationships. Though, I can still get Shu's philosophy of taking pride in doing it yourself. Also there were some hints of Ruri x Shu methinks (if this happens, I will die of happiness).

The never ending harem is fun, but one of these days the author will decide when to end it and will pick a girl
. It's just a matter of time and I'll be very much looking forward to that day. If the author really wanted to be ambitious and continue the series, he should make a sequel series where it shows Raku and *insert picked girl* in a relationship. But I think that's asking for too much.

I also think it would be hilarious if Marika or Tsumugi ended up getting with Raku, that would be such a trolol end.
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22 / M / Shadows of Califo...
Posted 10/21/14
...welp, cleared that from my backlog, finally!

Overall the show is kind of meh, for a couple reasons.

First being chiefly that the "rom" part of the "romcom" is absolutely boring. In that it uses almost every single anime romance cliche imaginable in the most unironic way possible. All the girl archetypes are there, the convenient misunderstandings, the badly timed-cut-offs, and the little-to-none resolutions on the lovey feelings. It's just so blah.

To the point that if someone asked me what a typical anime romcom would be like, I'd point to this show.

Second though, and what kept me coming back, was the "com" part of the romcom. This show is funny as hell. Loved all the jokes they did, especially with how over-the-top they were. First time they started doing the "Gorilla woman" and "bean sprout" crap I was rolling around on the floor. So for me, come for the comedy, don't give a rat's ass about the romance stuff.

Oh, and in the finale: that was the shittiest stage adaptation of Romeo and Juliet that I've ever seen. And I sat through Romeo + Juliet!!!
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