Post Reply Is the manga coming to an end...?
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Posted 11/10/13
As much as I want to see the ending I never want this manga to end. I want Kyoko and Ren to be 102 years old and still looking for love... OK, maybe not that long but you get what I'm saying. So is the author wrapping this up in the next year or so?
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Posted 11/19/13
Hmm I understand where you are coming from. The most recent developments suggest that Kyoko and Ren are almost ready to confess their love. However, the mangaka Nakamura-san is only 44 years old, so it's not like she needs to retire right away or something (plus the Japanese are such hard-working people ). I read somewhere that she wanted Skip Beat to be a long-running manga from which she could establish a career. Sooooo I don't think we have to worry yet. There's hopefully a few more years of plot left *finger crossed*!
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