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Posted 11/10/13
Specifically, markers that indicate the beginning of the opening title song, end of the opening, the mid-show break, the beginning of the ending song, and the end of the ending song (If there's more after it).

Some shows I love the OP for, others I don't. Being able to skip past the OP would be nice. I was at a comic-con convention recently where someone was playing some files (MKV I think) on his laptop and the player he used had those markers, I thought it was an extremely good idea at the time. It'd probably be a great idea for Crunchyroll playback as well!
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Posted 11/10/13 , edited 11/10/13
I've seen this suggestion a few times. I, too, would like this. There's supposedly a new video player for the site in the works with a planned release in Q1 or Q2 of next year. I'm going to guess the actually release will be some time after that since determining when development is going to be finished is always mostly guess work and something unforseen almost always happens.

For MP4 and MKV containers, these are called chapter markers and many fansubbers make use of them. I always skip openings and endings after a few episodes unless they're unique to each episode which I've seen on some anime. The visual markers also let me know that there's something after the credits (ie. preview or, more importantly, actual episode content).

I really hope the new video player adds all these nice suggestions people are asking for. Additions I'd like are to allow scanning through the video using click and drag left/right or finger left/right swipes for touch screens and volume control for up/down versions of the gestures. I make use of the left/right keyboard shortcuts several times in a single epsiode but 10 second increments are some times too long or too short. I can click and drag the progress bar on the bottom but I'd much prefer clicking/tapping on any part of the screen especially on touch screens. Adding touch/mouse gestures to the player will help alleviate the fact that there's no Windows 8 app and they'll also be useful for non-touch screen devices.
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