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I don't read manga, but should I start?
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Posted 11/13/13 , edited 11/13/13
The manga tends to usually be better but it's not always the case. I usually watch anime and if i'm unsatisfied I look towards the books. Why, well there are a few reasons.

1) I like the manga illustrations much more than visuals.
2) Manga usually continues the story after the anime ends. Good example off the top of my head would be Claymore.
3) The manga versions tend to be slightly different so it's not a linear feel. (This depends mostly on how much the anime wants to change/remove).
4) The manga tends to explain story plots better varying from slightly to significant.

There are definitely more reasons people can come up with but these are the ones that make manga more interesting for me than anime. Though some anime's visuals can add pizazz to the anime :D

EDIT: Lol avoided the question. YES I think you should give the manga a chance. especially on the anime that you really like.
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Posted 11/13/13
You can usually read manga in between the anime series you are waiting on every week, which is a huge plus if you are bored.
Plus reading manga requires no sound...so you can enjoy it anywhere with a tablet, laptop, phone, or desktop without alerting others what you are doing (like at work or school).

I really started reading manga when I began watching Inuyasha. At that time, they had ended the anime somewhere in the middle of the series, and it was incredibly frustrating not having an ending. Now they have gone back and made a 24 episode ending, but it seemed rushed and really missed a lot of the details of the manga, so still disappointing.

Personally I usually try to judge anime and manga separately, and attempt to do the same with books/movies.
Big example is the TV show, The Walking Dead. The graphic novels are completely different than the television show. But the television show is still excellent and entertaining on its own. I judge them and appreciate them separately.
Or for that matter, Game of Thrones is another excellent example of an amazing series of books, AND an incredibly worked television adaptation by HBO. I love them both...I wish that both would continue a little more quickly though (because cliff hangers are brutal).

However, no one in this thread is going to convince anyone who doesn't like reading that manga is worth their time. My sister hates reading, and I have always loved it...I am just talking to thin air trying to get her to read something I really enjoyed instead of just watching the movie adaptation.

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Posted 11/13/13
I used to be like you. I didn't care about manga when I first started watching anime. I hated reading at the time so I wasn't interested in books, comics, etc. After finishing the anime "Rosario Vampire", I was left unsatisfied because there weren't any more seasons and I really wanted to know what happened next. I decide to give the manga a try and I absolutely loved it. The manga's story and plot was a lot better than the anime. The artwork and drawings was also very good. After having a good experience with my first manga, I decide to try more and I also loved them.

You should definitely try reading manga. They're a way to continue the story to an anime that wasn't finished or they give you a completely different story that might be better. If you absolutely loved an anime that you saw then try reading a few chapters of the manga. Trust me once you get into a manga, you'll want to read more.
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Posted 11/13/13
Well luckily I enjoy the best of both worlds and if theres a ending that I don't like(soul eater) I will read the manga vice versa
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