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Post Reply New Fall Titles: Toriko!
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Posted 11/25/13 , edited 11/25/13

Feia20032 wrote:

CR is just tearing it up

LOL, I know right. Damn Crunchy you ain't playin' snatching up these series from Funimation are ya?

jpax44 wrote:

Very surprised that Funimation is willing to share their titles to CR

Well to be frank, it's business, man and Funi ain't no less of paying licencer (ok, made that word up, lol) than CR--whoever puts down the dough for the licence gets the streaming/broadcasting rights (just as CR and Funi also streams Attack on Titans....although CR is more true it being timely w/ its simulcasts). They aren't Funi's 'titles' to share b/c they don't create them nor are they the original publishers/distributors, so they don't have no control over how/who those anime studios do business w/. The only time Funi's licensing may reign supreme is in the DVD/BLURAY anime markets where they DO have considerably amount more of clout.

But in terms of the steaming side of things, Funi is still newbies to the game w/ their streaming stuff. CR been doing the damn thang waaaay longer in terms of legitimate streaming, (as have few others) and their business model is far more adept when it comes to streaming services than Funi (though I do like and subscribe to them to, I ain't knocking it).
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Posted 11/26/13
Yes the show is over the top but not majorly and that's what makes it great!
At first I wasn't sure about it but have grown to love all the characters and the story line actually flows quite well.
All you can do is give it a go and see what you think.
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Posted 11/26/13
think dragon ball but the focus is collecting rare food instead of fighting other people. There was even a 3 way cross over episode of toriko , one piece and goku.
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Posted 11/28/13
Will you be putting up episodes before 130 so we can see it from the beginning???
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Posted 11/30/13
i want the older episodes, when will they be uploaded?
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Posted 12/9/13
when will all the back episodes of Toriko be uploaded???
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