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Posted 11/16/13 , edited 12/5/13
Only 1 RP character per account. The rules for making an RP character are: You can’t make yourself invincible, You can’t have multiple classes or sub classes, and you cannot have more than 10 abilities.

CR Name:
RP Username (Name using in RP):

Sub Class:


Background (optional):


Weapons Used:


Abilities (Combat-Based):

Skills (RP-Based):


CR Name: Boruma
RP Username: Kaito

Class: Assassin
Sub Class: Merchant
Race: Human

Personality: Mysterious, loyal, and trustworthy

Background (optional):

Appearance: Black hair drapes onto his back. Black eyes shine back to anyone who sees them.

Weapons Used: Knife

Armor: Black chainmail

Abilities (Combat-Based):

Sneak: able to blend into the scenery for 30 seconds and move with increased speed
Killer: backstab a target and get double increased damage
Black Cobra: a strike that moves in the form of a snake biting and deals great damage to the target or targets.

Skills (RP-Based): Bargainer: able to persuade traders to lower prices to some degree.

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Posted 11/17/13 , edited 12/16/13
Edited to put more details to the character
CR Name: Serphim275
RP Username (Name using in RP): Shade

Class: Assassin
Sub Class: Tracker
Race: Were Cat

Personality: Gloomy, Mysterious, Follower and can be a leader.

Background (optional): (Might create one later)

Appearance: Long Black Hood covers most of his face but easy to see through from his point of view, Black Coat with light metal alloys Increased Durability, Black Boots, Black Shirt with falcon attached on the right shoulder. Not on mission clothes: Black Shirt Jeans with a red belt sprawled across on a jaunty angle (tipped 1 side is up further then the other) Facial: Long black hair with highlights of blue they shine in the moonlight, Sky blue eyes piercing like they stare into your soul and what you have done. Cat ears pop up black with the same highlight as his hair

Weapons Used: Steel Short Sword and a Knife, Gold guard(Located above the hilt) Hardened leather hilt(Below the guard) Pitch Black Blade(Reflects sun sometimes.)

Armor: Light metal alloys placed on coat

Abilities (Combat-Based): BackStab: Disappears and stabs the person in the back for double damage. (Doubles the damage of the dagger)
Disappearing: Completely disappears for 1 minute if the person using the skill attacks it wont break the disappearing.
Moonlight Combo: Stabs in the stomach, the arms and the head repeatedly for 45 seconds. (Usaul damage 150 varies as the level goes)
Flash Strike: 100 damage total if able to time right you can jump from tree to ground to the other side (Discovered by Shade at Level 7 while completing a quest)

Skills (RP-Based):
Special analysis: analyses equipment hidden techniques etc can do this for friends.
Faster Reflexes: Reflexes that are in-human can catch a sword if the pattern is the same

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Level: 7
Posted 11/18/13 , edited 12/5/13
CR Name: unknowanime
RP Username (Name using in RP): WhiteClaw

Sub Class: Hitman
Race:Race of Ritual

Personality: non talkative,secretive,shy

Background (optional):

Appearance:white eyes,short black hair,long black robe with white claw logo on it,skinny build but tall

Weapons Used: staff,small hidden dagger

Armor: none

Abilities (Combat-Based): Mystical Beast: summon a monster to defend the summoner (hp and attack points depending on the user level) Mist: cast a spell that temporally lose the eye sight of enemy for a quick get away Armageddon: a spell that takes out the enemy and user (use only once) Lightening Arrows: use for long distance enemy with minimal damaged Blood Dagger: coat a dagger with powerful poison that reduce the states of enemy by 1 every sec. (can't use any other spell for rest of battle)

Skills (RP-Based): Hitman: give knowledge on how to take down enemy and where they are

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Level: 1
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Posted 11/19/13 , edited 1/11/14
RP Username (Name using in RP): Wolf

Class: Monk
Sub Class: Vampire
Race: Wolf Hair

Personality: Commanding. Connective. Calm, cool, and collected.

Background (optional): Natural Born Leader (Against his own desire). At first, sought out power, but when max level became popular, lost interest in everything. Nothing drives him anymore. He seeks entertainment.

Appearance: Giant. Bulky. Wolf ears and medium length hair.

Weapons Used: Two handed Sword

Armor: Light

Abilities (Combat-Based): Blood Thirst: The lower percent health this player has, the more health he gains from blood drain. Blood Drain: A percentage of any damage will be absorbed as own health. Enrage: As long as this remains active, spends health per attack to deal more damage output.

Skills (RP-Based): Bloodlust: Can sense those around him with less total health points or those currently in combat.

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Level: 5

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Posted 11/19/13 , edited 1/20/14
CR Name: Boruma
RP Name: Kaito

Class: Assassin
Sub Class: Blacksmith
Race: Human

Personality: Mysterious, loyal, leader, intelligent, serious

Background: As a person who is average at everything, he wanted to try something new. That's when he saw in the Internet forums, the name of the brilliant game, Elder Tale. It sounded interesting to him, so he joined the MMO as an assassin and blacksmith.

Appearance: Midnight blue cloak that drapes down to his calves; the bottom is tinged with a shaded red that enhances the cloak. underneath the hood, straight black hair goes down to his neck. Black strong eyes leak out of his hood. Stands at 5'7 and has average stature.

Weapons Used: Creates weapons to use for combat and trade. Uses katanas, broadswords, knives, double bladed weapons, and several others.

Armor: Cloak and light chain mail


Venomous Serpent- deals high knife damage in snake like motion. Allows 4 strikes. Cooldown time is 12 minutes.

Fatal Burden- an approaching ability that allows high damage if it strikes an enemy from behind.

Eternal Savior- a high skill assassin technique that makes the user use fury to damage targets for 15 seconds. Cooldown time is 18 minutes.

Mirage- creates mirror images of the user for 5 seconds. How many depends on user's level. Cooldown time is 12 minutes.

Merciless Miasma- a wave is sent from the blade wherever it swings in the air. If it hits a target, then it has a 15% chance of poison.

Star-Burst Stream- attacks have an increased 10% speed and 5% power boost for 10 seconds. The illusion of two weapons appears from the user. Cooldown time is 30 minutes.

Sneak- detection is lowered

Ghost- movement speed doubled. Cooldown time is 18 minutes.

The Death Blade- increased attack for basic attacks. Cooldown time is 8 minutes.

Skills (RP based):


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Level: 7

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Posted 11/20/13 , edited 12/5/13
CR Name: Circle Chaos
RP Name: Vosmeer

Class: Bard
Sub Class: Herbalist
Race: Elf

Personality: Sarcastic, cold, and sometime harsh. Don't like to talk a lot and also don't like people who talk a lot.

Background: To be added.

Appearance: light green short hair and slight tanned skin. Wears grey and crimson coat in combination with easy moving gears. Wear high boots and leather gloves. Roughly 5 feet 10 with slim physiques.

Weapons: Generally uses lute or harp in party. When traveling alone, uses short bow and short swords. Have several daggers in sleeves and boots.

Armors: Generally equip with light armor that does not affect movement.

1. Hymn of the Night: when this song is played, all allied members receive a percentage of increase in movement and dodge rate. The bonus is doubled when played at night.

2. Roar of the Brave: when this song is played, all allied members receive a percentage of increase in attack speed and damage. The bonus is doubled when allied member's health is below 50%.

3. Chant of the Wise: When this song is played, all allied members receive a percentage of increase in magic damage and magic defense. If the allied member has a debuff or debuffs, one of the debuff will be removed.
(More possible songs)
4. Impact shot: shoot a powerful arrow that deals damage and push back one to three enemies in a radius.

5. Riposte: block an enemy attack with a possibility to remove enemies's weapon for a 1 to 2 seconds.

6. Pain of Memories: throw daggers at your enemy and slow them depends on their (Will) stats for a certain duration.
(More Possible abilities)

1. Identification of Herb: Able to spot useful herb in the wild.
2. Harvest of Herb: Able to gather herb with the right tools.
3. Medicine/Poison; Able to create medicine or poison with herb and recipe.
(More Possible skills)

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Level: 4
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Posted 11/21/13 , edited 12/5/13
CR Name:Animeruler22
RP Name: Algodis

Sub Class:Tracker

Personality: Good with groups, energetic, always has a smile, very sneaky at times

Background:A gamer who became addicted to games after his little brother was killed in a fire

Appearance: Pale blue eyes, jet black hair, pale skin, wears a long black cloak with a hood, beige shoes, black sweat pants, and a dark blue t-shirt. 5'4" in height wise. Partially skinny.

Weapons: short sword, dagger, shuriken, ninja stars

Armor: steel armor, not made seen under his cloak

1. Hiding: allows player to turn invisible for as maximum of 25 minutes and minimum of 3 minutes. Damage to player: Takes low damage to use skill.
2. Dagger strike: allows player to strike with dagger from behind without being detected. Damage: High, Cool down: 20 sec
3. Star throw: allows player to throw ninja stars. Damage: Medium, Cool down:5 sec
4. Strike: allows player to attack with sword/short sword/dagger, Damage:Meduim-High, Cool down:1 sec

· Can track lost animals or people
· Can find and locate shops and cities
· Can track where someone/something has been within 2 days tracks have been left

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Level: 5
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Posted 11/22/13 , edited 12/5/13
CR name: Cystir
RP Name: Amon

Class: Swashbuckler
Sub Class: Chef
Race: Wolf Hair

Personality: Cool-headed, playful, always hungry.

Background: Culinary major who loves video games and loves to eat as much as he loves to cook.

Appearance: Bright blue eyes, Medium blonde hair, tan, wears a black trench coat, flip flops, bright green shirt, and light jeans. 5'10

Weapons: Dual Scimitars

Armor: Leather armor

1. Double Slash: Cross clash with both swords (6 second cooldown)
2. Second Chance: (Passive) blocks single attack or spell (15 second cooldown) (Does not activate if normally blocked)
3. Lunge: Lunges toward enemy (10 second cooldown)

1. Cooking
2. Ingredient gathering and preparing
3.dual wielding
4. Poison: attach various poisons to weapons

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Level: 2
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Posted 12/25/13 , edited 1/9/14
CR Name: Kmaille
RP Username : Noel

Class: Bard
Sub Class: Animal Trainer
Race: Elf

Personality: Loyal and brave. Smart but Naive. Sure of her self and never wavering.

Background (optional): Preferred use of her flute earn her the nick name Pied piper

Appearance: Around 5:4. Long wave hair down to her butt. Strait bangs and dark black eyes. Skinny and flat chested.

Weapons Used: Beginner Short Sword. Basic Lute and Wooden Flute.

Armor: Leather light armor

Abilities (Combat-Based):

Call of the Wild: When song is played one Beast level 5 and under will fight for the Bard. Cool down time of 5 hours

Lullaby: Puts enemy to sleep for 30 sec. Cool down time of 10 minutes with less effect each time used in 12 hours.

Battle cry: When song is played Ally receives 10% attack point bonus for 1 min. Cool down time of 10 min.

Minuet of light: restores Alleys health if under 50%. cool down time of 1 hour.

Skills (RP-Based):
Beast rider
Beast healer

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Posted 1/11/14 , edited 1/11/14
CR Name: Deathwatch101
RP Username (Name using in RP): Aeon

Class: Sorcerer
Sub Class: Gladiator
Race: Race of Ritual

Personality: He is rather Stubborn in his ideas, but can be eccentric and a bit crazy at times

Background (optional): He is a MMO veteran, he has played them for years, Prefering to normally be a tank, it is one of the first times hes tried a caster class

Appearance: He has Black hair with a few greys, He is around 6ft tall and is of a slim build, he weighs around 120 pounds. His eyes have two colours an inner colour is hazel brown and outer grey.

Weapons Used: Short Sword (Starter Material Class)

Armor: Silk Gloves, Long Sleeved Cloth Shirt, Boots, Cloth Trousers, Cowled Cloak

Abilities (Combat-Based):
Freezing Cleave: Swinging his blade in a arcing slash, the freezing wave travels from the blade in a curved wave over 5 metres, It causes moderate damage and slowing the movement of foes caught by it.
Ice Aura: You generate a metre wide aura, that slows enemies and causes minor damage
Cone of Shards: The moisture in the metre long cone, explodes into shards of ice, Causing Major damage to enemies caught in its radius.

Skills (RP-Based):
Blade Mastery: The user is skilled with bladed weapons of there class
Uncanny Reactions: Through Gladiatorial Training you are better at Dodging and Deflecting

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Level: 1
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Posted 1/14/14
CR Name: Steffiekun
RP Username (Name using in RP): Steffie

Class: Kannagi
Sub Class: Dancer
Race: Fox Tail

Personality: Shy around people he don't know, but will become talkative around people he know. Tend to panic and freak out when in close combat.

Background (optional): Have problem similar to Akatsuki. A guy gamer in real life trapped in the body of his ( Female ) toon. Due to the rarity of the appearance changing potion he is trapped in his female toon body and is trying to get used to it.

Appearance: 5'11. Have a long black hair that reached the waist. Her eyes are also covered by the long hair that had to be brushed aside in order to see properly. ( Steffie don't know how to take care of the girl's hair ). Brown eye color. Black fox ear and tail with white color patch at the tip of the ear and tail.

Weapons Used: A basic starter staff for casting spell and a basic starter bow for emergency use.

Armor: Miko Uniform similar to what Minori is wearing

Abilities (Combat-Based)

Purification Barrier : Prevent moderate amount damage. 8 Sec Cooldown
Minor Prayer : Heal a minor amount of hp. 2.5 Sec Cooldown
Trap Talisman : Drop a Talisman on the ground that will deal small amount of magical damage and slow enemy around it. 10 Sec Cooldown
Expel Hurt : Heal a target for moderate amount of damage while hurting enemy around the target for the same amount. 16 Sec Cooldown

Skills ( RP Based )

Dance ( Clumsily )
Perform Kagura Dance ( Clumsily ): Heal everyone to maximum hp, restore mana to maximum, resurrect allies, clear all debuff from allies while inflicting Charm status on the enemy making them able to do nothing but watch. Charm can be dispelled if attacked or 5 second after Kagura dance is done. Have a cooldown of 1 week.
Dance Mastery : Through learning how to dance, Steffie can dodge better.

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Level: 1
Posted 3/27/14 , edited 3/29/14
CR Name: Whinzer9
RP Username (Name using in RP): Silica

Class: Archer (balance of both defense and offense, but mainly defense. works as aid.)
Sub Class:Scout
Race: Were Cat

Personality: Introverted but definitely not shy, a follower but never a leader. Bubbly personality that she shows only to those she deeply trusts. Willing to die for those she's loyal to, and willing to take newbies under her wing, but never more than two at a time. Three is a stretch. Four- you owe her big time. BIG. Five-You left her with five?!- she's gonna kill you!!! It's said of her that she focuses too much at times and is sometimes easily gullible, especially when tired. Very friendly but very aloof, so sometimes mistaken for being unfriendly.

Background (optional): Wants to forget her past. She was on the verge of committing suicide when she decided to escape on her laptop instead when she heard that she was actually going to be home alone for once. She could kill herself later. Besides, the fake world is always much better than the real one. Isn't that why most of her friends tried drugs? Now her real world is fake, and her fake world is real. She NEVER wants to go back. She's scared stiff whenever she thinks of the real world, and has a daunting fear of returning that she always pushes away. Sometimes because of this in extreme circumstances she makes irrational decisions. She had to survive in the real world, which sometimes strangely helps her at times in the virtual world. But, whenever people talk of the real world no matter what she is doing she gets up and leaves.

Appearance: Small, 4'11. Like a cat with orange ears, but like a girl with a human's face and limbs. Somewhat long and thick orange hair tied back in a wild tumble. Sometimes bangs that are tucked behind ears fall out. Has green cat eyes but normal teeth. Looks something like this.

Weapons Used: Beginner's bow, two daggers

Armor: Weak green tunic and mail made of spider silk for flexibility. Flexibility takes points away from strength but for the role play she's chosen it's necessary. Dark green leather pants and orangy-brown gloves with holes at the fingers complete her outfit for now. She's barefoot, and will have to buy from the shop later.

Abilities (Combat-Based):

With bow:

Expand territory: determines how far can shoot. Beginner is twenty feet.
Projectile: shoots one arrow, causes five damage three second cool down
Double projectile: shoots two arrows in a row, at beginner's level causes 10 damage total with seven second cool down.
Sharpshooter: beginner's level is 20 damage but has a two minute cool down and costs a considerable amount of mana.

With daggers:
Swipe: skill that uses daggers and only works at close range, six damage two second cool down.
Stab: 30 damage but five minute cool down. Only works at very close range, used for emergency defense.

Skills (RP-Based):


Scavenger: able to live off the land - fishing, distinguish from poisons, make fire which slightly speeds up health, etc.

Reader of stars: able to tell what direction to go in. Very beginner doesn't have knowledge of stars and only has compass.

Recorder: writes and take notes on what they see in a notebook, which Silica will have to get later at the store. After all, notebooks are used for different reasons, and just because a person buys a notepad doesn't mean they instantly gain a recorder skill, or any other skill that it is used for. It's easy to see why why scouts are known for being excellent note takers, but 99 out of 100 times they have no idea what to do with the notes. That is why scouts needs to follow and be in submission to someone, or else their subclass is useless. The more they works under a person, the better they are going to write notes that fits that person's style of understanding.

Tracker: able to track but this is unlocked at level 15, and even then isn't that reliable. Has to be above level 40 before it can be even remotely good. Only useful at a low level because she can tell when a person is lying about a scent being there or not being there and is trying to lead her astray, and sometimes when there is a HUGE danger she can vaguely tell. Sometimes she thinks a scent could possibly be bad but then she's wrong, which can be annoying to her party, for it happens somewhat often.

Note: As a scout she doesn't have a hiding skill. This is bad when someone wants to kill or eliminate all scouts in the surrounding area! However, the higher level she is as a scout, other sub classes lower than her scout level aren't able to 'detect her' with 'radar skills'. However, if they stumble upon her in the woods, they can instantly see her. But if their sub class is a higher level than her sub class, they can detect her with their 'radar skills'. Like in SAO when there was a person that had a high level of listening through doors that few people invested in, but Kazuto had higher listening skill than they did, so he knew they were there. For this reason a high level tracker is a scout's worst nightmare.

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Level: 1

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