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22 / M / Holy Terra
Posted 11/17/13
Have you guys ever watched anime? It's this cool cartoon like stuff from Japan.

Check it out sometime. I dunno if it will catch on in popularity though.
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M / Seattle
Posted 11/17/13 , edited 11/17/13
I heard about it once but then I forgot.

I should write stuff down.
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24 / M / CR Forums
Posted 11/17/13
I was BORN into this thing, I think I'm an expert by now.

In fact, I was born like, a mile from Funimation HQ, and they create like, all anime forever, right? That Dragonball and um....Yu Yu Hakusho and....Cased Closed? Yeah, that one!

Honestly, I don't think anybody else knows more about these cartoons than I do, my Grandpa lived in Japan you know, for like 4 years with my mom and Grandma.

My Grandma hates Japanese women.....4 years of not speaking the language, as everybody thinks you speak their language, but you don't. The white man accompanying you does.

So yeah, I know about this stuff.
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