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My Forward and Personal Opinion

SO I never really was one to read manga. I always went along with the "why read when you can watch" aspect of everything, but then one day I was researching anime/manga similar to Elfen Lied and I came across Higurashi. From clips on Youtube it seemed it was just super violent, but I was up for it. I searched for the anime dubbed, but never found it so instead of watching it subbed I decided I was going to read the manga instead. Turns out, the manga is AWESOME. I have been reading it for about 7 months now (I don't really get time to read) and am on the 5th arc, volume 1 (or in other words volume 9). I really love the suspense in the manga and they express the emotions so much better than in the anime. And btw I did eventually find out that there is a dubbed version but it took me 6 tries to finish the first episode because it was so bad lol.

If you search anything on Higurashi you will most likely find gruesome images of characters stabbing other characters, but this actually only makes up about 20% of the manga. Typically the manga is cutesy and more of a thriller than a horror. The best aspect of the manga I have seen so far is that you never really know what is going on. This may seem like a bad mark from the writer, but it has a purpose. I have never read or watched anything before where all of the characters, even the protagonist, know more about the situation than the reader is being told. This leads you to want to know the mystery and keep you reading. some arcs actually flip to a different protagonist to show a complete outsiders view on the events happening in the main manga's town, Hinamizawa. Speaking of that, I should probably tell what the manga is about and how it works. If you already know about it, whats your favorite character? Favorite arc? Favorite thing about it!?

How It Works

It is important to know how the manga works before you know the general story. Higurashi is set up into 14 arcs, each spanning a certain amount of volumes. The first 4 arcs are the "question" arcs. These express all of the events in the series with giving you as little information as to what is actually happening, while still bringing you from start to finish. Each of the four arcs in the "question" arcs start the story over again, but with a different outcome and a different killer. It is like a game of clue where the question is "who-dunnit this time". Even though the arcs start over though, each one gives more details to the overall main mystery. Next, are the four "answer" arcs, being a total of the 8 of the 14 arcs. The "answer" arcs tie in all of the events of the first 4 so that everything is explained into one story as oppose to what seemed like 4 different stories while reading the first 4. The order you read the arcs in is crucial to not accidentally reading an arc in the wrong progression thus ruining the experience. The correct order of the arcs and volumes can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Higurashi_When_They_Cry_chapters
Alternatively you can just watch the anime, but if that is your path I suggest you read an arc in the manga, then watch the correct amount of anime episodes that corresponds to it. Watching the anime after reading the manga is actually a great way to fully understand what is going on since the anime cuts out all but the most important details (but that can also be less rewarding).

As for the 6 arcs I haven't explained yet, those arcs are just side stories that really have no purpose to the main story (almost like fillers). You can read those, but they haven't been written in English yet so if you know Japanese and are willing to take a stab, go ahead, but like I said they really are not necessary.

The Plot
In Higurashi the main general plot outline is about a boy named Keiichi who moves from Tokyo to a mountain town named Hinamizawa. The town is very Twin Peaks ish (If you know what that is). As he is living there, Keiichi befriends four girls who have lived in the town a long time. (Yes it is a harem, but its most diffidently not a romance). They all laugh and have fun and create an after school club to engage in fun card games and activities (most of the time Keiichi loses since the girls all group against him) As the story progresses more characters are introduced. Really the only other important character is a detective from a neighboring town named Ooishi. In some arcs Ooishi tries to help Keiichi when things start turning, but in other arcs he is against Keiichi. A main point to throw out there is that the town is cursed by it's God Oyashiro. (or so they want you to believe) And each year a new murder happens on the town festival known as the Cotton Drifting Festival. Unfortunately for Keiichi, the year he moves there is no different. The manga starts off very cutesy and funny. There were times I actually busted out laughing while reading it. Picture moments from Clannad when Tomoya and Sunohara are having misadventures to get the general feel. But as each arc progresses things turn more violent and twisted as the history of the town is explained to Keiichi.

I highly recommend everyone who has never read the manga to read it. It literally, at one point or another, is every descriptor you can think of; funny, scary, heart warming, gruesome, and many more.

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This series rep is kind of odd; considering how it turns out.

I'd say that Rena's and Satako's (aside from the ending ) answer arcs where my favorites. Rena was scary in a very different way then the others. They where terrified or sadistic, but Rena was a clever and ruthless utilitarian. And Satako's arc has the characters
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This was honestly one of the first manga/anime (Both equally influencing) that got me seriously into...well...manga and anime

It inspired me to find more horror anime and get a totes sadistic boner from moe girls getting slaughtered/doing the slaughtering...

Too much?
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I'm not one for this genre, but I LOVE Higurashi! It's one of my favorites. I just love how the plot is laid out, you really have to pay attention (and it helps to read the mangaka notes at the end), and after every volume you go "wtf?" lol. I still have to get volume 23 (Festival Accompany Arc vol 2), it released in October. I hate how spread out the releases are
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The art is whats nice. Those faces of insanity xD
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