Post Reply What Catches Your Eye This Upcoming Winter Season?
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Posted 11/19/13
Winter 2013/2014 Chart For those who want to check it out
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Posted 2/25/14
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Season 2 (probably my new favorite anime)
Nisekoi (a very interesting art style, I like it, very quirky and cute)

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Posted 3/4/14
I'm really liking Chuuni2 as well! As for Nisekoi, Shaft has not left me any disappointment. I am just praying on Onodera winning.

This season I am also seeing:

Sakura Trick: ("saving" anime). This is my first time viewing what most people call "yuri" (girl romance). At first I found this a little unnerving. But it is actually pretty damn good, aside from having no plot, or progressing story so far.

Kill La Kill: My lord has it been a gracious ride. I've thoroughly enjoyed the gimmicky animation, Mako (i mean... she's mako right!), other character archetypes, and the story that it takes
All in all, it is seemingly becoming my favorite series this season. That may possibly just be the fact that I have had a weeks break in-between each episode.

Witch Craft Works: This show seems pleasing to me, because I found it a little unusual to have the main character being a male that is in-fact a "damsel in distress". Really I haven't picked much information of this show to make a quick assessment. Basicly I am liking it... to an extent.

Onee-chan ga Kita: Damn, I mean damn! This may be a 3 minute short for 12 episodes. Ichika being a smoking hot, would-die-for older step-sister, with dat triangle mouth. Just wants some loving' with her younger step-brother. It is comical, yet sweet. With a slight cringe of "is she autistic?". So Far Loving it!

World Conquest Zvezda Plot: Honestly, I expected a lot more from this show. Which is probably why I felt "cut short". I mean I love a good loli Hehehe.I feel like this show is not progressing fast enough and nothing seems to really be advancing regarding the story.

...I got lazy so here are the others I'm watching that I am liking so far... haha... ha.. he.
Engaged to the Unidentified
Nagi no Asukara (Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea)
Recently, My Sister is Unusual
Wizard Barristers

I Like Lots of Shows
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