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Post Reply Updated Crunchyroll App for Android users
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Posted 1/16/16

mameha1977 wrote:

If anyone is having trouble using the android app, there is a Crunchyroll plugin for Kodi.

Just install Kodi from Google Play store:

Then in Kodi, install the Crunchyroll addon:

I think you have to be premium member though to use it.

It then streams 100% perfectly on all my android devices this way!

More info:

Hope this helps someone.

Thanks for the heads up on the Kodi plugin, it's not perfect, but it is something that's workable vs the android app on Android TV
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Posted 1/16/16

TaroPsyche wrote:
As an Android TV user, I was kinda happy about this bug ^^; It would be nice if CR would add in some user preferences so we can have some choices ^^

Dronak, are you involved with the Dev team?

Nope, not at all. Since I had the problem with queue ordering and saw that it was fixed, I just thought I'd let others know in case they hadn't seen it or weren't using the app to know.
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Posted 1/24/16
It looks like I'm forced to go with XBMC/Kodi, as the new version doesn't work on my Android 4.0 tablet. As a long time premium member I was fairly disappointed, given I've been streaming CR with this device for years.

FYI, Crunchyroll Androdi devs, you can prevent incompatible versions from installing. As it is I either have to side load an old version of the Crunchyroll app or switch to 3rd party software, thanks a lot. If you can do anything to remedy this, ideally having a legacy support version on Google Play via os version dependancy or at least a manual install on your site, it make up for the problem.
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Posted 2/5/16
anyone experienced issues with video playback?
I can load the app / pages / ads at a pretty fast speed.
but when I click on an anime to watch, it just takes forever to load. blank screen.
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