Next Gen Console Support
Posted 11/24/13 , edited 3/23/14
This is in response to all the Xbox One and PS4 posts.

Please keep in mind that the moderators and the support staff do not know any ETA to delivery or additional support of these items.

( PS4 already confirmed supported and functioning via )

There are currently at least 6 threads open regarding Xbox One support.

We have no ETA as to when this will come out, but will make an official announcement on the front page announcing support. In an effort to expand CR support to new devices, it would be expected that an app is in the works, seeing as we've already announced plans for the PS Vita ( which I could guess was skipped for PS4 priority) and the Ouya

When we learn of any information, it will be posted here, or on the frontpage.

ETA (by lorreen): PS Vita App is now avalable! See the Site New announcement

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