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What's your anime story?
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19 / M / Texas
Posted 11/25/13
My cousin introduced anime to me, when i started all i was watching was Naruto though... Once i grew tired of Naruto after about 400 episodes.... -_- I decided to expand my horizons, annnddd have been thoroughly addicted since
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27 / M / CA
Posted 11/25/13
When I was young, I would watch some of the anime and other cartoons on Cartoon Network and Toonami; I particularly liked Outlaw Star, but I also watched things like Cardcaptors (as it's known in America), Pokémon/Digimon, and the shonen shows (DBZ, etc.). This continued for several years until my second year of college.

Basically, I was watching some random videos on YouTube when I found one that had a catchy song playing in the background; the name of the song and the artist happened to be listed in the video description (for the life of me, I can't remember the name of either the song or the artist). So later that day I decided to search for the song elsewhere on the internet. Most of the music videos I found featured a bunch of girls (the singers, I presume) just standing around, smiling and waving; I found that boring, so I continued searching for a more interesting music video for the song. Eventually, I found one that featured clips from a bunch of different anime, many of which I didn't recognize. I was particularly interested in the clips belonging to a particular one of the anime featured, but since there was no mention of which anime were featured in the video, I ended up putting it out of my mind a few days later.

Some time later (maybe a few weeks?), I was looking in the manga section of a local bookstore out of sheer curiosity/boredom, when I saw a manga featuring a familiar-looking character on its cover. I realized that this was the main character (I presumed) of the anime that caught my attention in that music video. I noted the name of the manga, then carried on with my business.

At some later date, I suddenly became very curious about that anime and decided I wanted to watch it. But there was one problem: I couldn't remember the name of its source manga. So I decided to get crafty and run some Google searches for anime with characters who looked like the character on the cover of that manga (for the record, it was a girl with pink hair). After weeding through all of the "Sakura Haruno" results, I finally found the character I was looking for and, more importantly, the name of the anime she was from: Shugo Chara. I found the anime on Crunchyroll and immediately checked it out. I ended up really enjoying it.
Around the time I finished Shugo Chara, I noticed Crunchyroll advertising two series that had recently started: Durarara and Sora no Woto. Both of these anime sounded interesting to me, so I checked them out and ended up enjoying them both.

I was kind of out of touch with anime for few months (I don't remember why), but around late summer, I noticed Crunchyroll advertising a bunch of new anime that would be starting in the fall (this was 2010, for the record). A handful of them sounded interesting to me, so I decided to watch them. Ever since then, I've been keeping up with the new simulcasts, typically watching more anime, on average, each year. And that's how I ended up where I am today. (Sorry if that was really long-winded; I can never seem to keep things short and sweet.)
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20 / M / Arizona
Posted 11/25/13
where do I start?... Well i remember being really young watching stuff with my older sister. I would watch stuff like Dragon Ball, Batman Beyond, and Pokemon. For some reason I still remember going to Walgreens and scanning the aisles for Gundam and Transformers toys. Fast forward to kindergarten and first grade. I remember going home and being super excited to watch Zoids Battle Century on Toonami everyday in my parents' room. After the mech stuff died away on tv I stopped paying attention to anime (but was still obsessed with Gundam, even though I was nowhere near old enough to understand what was happening and just remembered the name lol). Then in about Third grade Naruto came on and that caught my attention. I can recall playing pretend with my best friend and being characters from Naruto and fighting off armies of ninjas hidden on the playground during recess. Also Pokemon was always with me during my journeys of anime and Yugioh but that stopped at around 2nd grade and picked up again later. All the way up until about Ninth grade anime kinda died down and wasn't a large influence on me. Oh, and before I forget somewhere along this journey I realized the potential of the internet and used it to watch some Gundam series (00, the 8th ms team, Seed, and Wing).

Now on to 9th grade! This was an interesting year for me. I had just transferred to a new school, and it was tough. A rigorous and demanding curriculum and few friends. so by winter break I was struggling and needed something to take my mind off of my "academic achievements" then as I was scrolling through the lists of things to watch on Netflix, then I found anime...again. I started watching stuff like School Rumble and that eased some of the pressure of school for me. then after the second semester, I was able to calm down a bit and get some good grades (passed Geometry and Biology with a B, SCORE!).

Summer of 9th grade my house room was getting renovated and painted, so I had to sleep on the floor with a blanket and a pillow. I basically played video games, watched anime, and drew fan art all summer. 10th grade was pretty fun. anime started to ween its way out of my existence but, around my 16th birthday I found SAO and loved it (what ever, hate me later) and that kept my interest in anime going longer. This summer I got to watch some of my favorite anime and my first Simulcasts :D! So, here I am now in 11th grade on crunchyroll continuing to watch my Simulcasts.
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21 / M / New Zealand
Posted 11/25/13

kingpwnza wrote:

strkiky wrote:

For my anime story, I'll explain by using my favourite anime of all time.
K-On! – To explain why this is 1st for me, I will explain from the beginning. This occurred towards the end of 2012, when I first started watching anime. I had just my finish my first few animes and wasn’t sure what to watch next. One of my friend who introduced me to anime said I could try listen to the music to decide on the anime to watch since I was such a music freak. We just picked random anime music to listen to, and K-on! Came up. It sounded pretty interesting to me, so I was like:
“I’m going to watch this anime” – so I did, this anime very quickly became the beautiful anime I have ever seen in my life.
At this time, I was still undergoing depression since 2010. I was always sad at school, social life wasn’t a concern to me at all.
K-on! Is basically about a group of girls having fun at their K-on bu (light music group) but as I watched K-on!! Episode 24 (end of the story for the anime) a tear went down my cheek. I realized something, anime or not. The girls of K-on (HTT) had so much fun at their 3 years of high school (in japan, high-school is 3 years). I just realized I have been crying for the last 3 years of MY high-school 2010-2012.
I decided that I needed to enjoy my last year of high-school, I immediately snapped out of depression, and really started showing people who I am.
Now over 100 animes (1year) later, it’s still my favourite anime and continues to keep me going.
I would like to thank Kakifly and KyotoAnimation for creating something so beautiful and for saving my life.

What is your prof pic from? Looks interesting :)

its from Hitsugime No Chaika (coffin princess chaika)

its a manga atm, but its getting an anime adaption by studio bones!
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Posted 11/25/13
Pokemon->DBZ->Naruto->Death Note/Code Geass->Subtitles, because I couldn't wait for dub->more subtitled anime etc.
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