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Final Fantasy XIII
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Posted 12/8/13 , edited 12/8/13

Millenia-Inverse wrote:

I beat Final Fantasy XIII. I didn't like the combat system because some monsters just breaks it apart ( Yes! Those HUGE dinosaur looking monsters! ) I have bought Final Fantasy XIII-2 and pre-order Final Fantasy XIII-3 ( To get Cloud'sbluster sword and suit! ) Now since Square-Enix doing a remake of Tomb Raider for next-gen consoles. I wonder will the Final Fantasy XIII series will follow?

Tomb Raider is from a different developer. It was Crystal Dynamics' idea to re-release the game for the PS4/X1. Square Enix just published the game for them.

Crystal Dynamics has planned a series for the Tomb Raider reboot, so they probably did not want to force people a few years down the road to have to buy a PS3/Xbox 360 to be able to play the first game in the series. That way owners of a PS4/X1 can experience the entire series on one machine.

EDIT: I want to give credit where credit is do. While it was Crystal Dynamics' idea to re-lease the game, the remake is a collaboration between Crystal Dynamics, United Front Gaming, and Nixxes.
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Posted 12/8/13
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Posted 12/16/13 , edited 12/16/13
FFXIII was a big miss for me after waiting for release years ago from a trailer.
I anticipated for so long for how good it looked and it took time and I lost my energy to feel hype.
I did play it (12/2013), 4 years ago from 12/2009 release date.
Before playing it and seeing all these sequels coming right after another up to 3, we were questioning, I and those who had played, why did they do a sequel when no one asked for it.

I still have yet to finish FFXIII as of work and college but I am dying in await for FFvXIII which is now announced as FFXV for nearly 8 more years.
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