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Posted 12/3/13
Rule #1: No posting pornography, extreme violence, anything illegal, or anything else such as that. If you have a sick and twisted mind, that's your problem. Don't share it with us.

Rule #2: No threats, harassment, or any other verbal abuse. You can't look cool by arguing over the internet. If you need to report a user, contact me or a moderator.

Rule #3: Follow all forum rules.

Rule #4: Don't have fanboy fights.

Rule #5: Do not post useless advertising. If you have a cool new forum you want people to check out, that's fine. But don't post random sites that say "you will win a 360 if you refer 5 friends here" kind of thing.

Rule #6: Bumping old threads is fine, as long as it is still relevant.

Rule #7: Only create ONE account! If you have a problem with your account, contact me or a moderator.

Rule #8: Never post spoilers out of spoiler tags. There will be a thread made for those who are Halo experts.
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