More Final Fantasy Music than you can shake a gunblade at!
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M / Dallas
Posted 12/5/13
Hey gang! Crunchyroll Ambassador Pharaohmone here!

A 130+ collection of Final Fantasy Remixes I’ve arranged and performed (including both Project Soul Voice albums, my Final Fantasy XI arrangements, various vocal covers, and other miscellaneous Final Fantasy remixes) has now been posted online for your enjoyment! You can download the 509MB collection here at:

Happy listening ~ !

Select Tracks include:

Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn ~ Answer Together

Promise Remix (Final Fantasy XIII - Serah’s Theme) Vocal Version

Final Fantasy VII Remix : Mission Complete ( Victory Theme )

Final Fantasy IV Remix : Into The Light ( Main Theme )

Final Fantasy VII Remix: Unholy ( One Winged Angel )

And 10 dozen other songs from the Final Fantasy Series in different genres, styles, and flavors!
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28 / M / Fredericksburg, V...
Posted 12/5/13
DUUUUDE, right on, mate.

Fantastic tracks!
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29 / M / U.S.A.
Posted 12/6/13
Nice one Final Fantasy FTW
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