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What forum improvements would you like?
Posted 1/3/14

lorreen wrote:

As you have discovered, we heard you...

Thankyou <3
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Posted 1/3/14 , edited 1/3/14

I thought of yet another thing, again, perhaps minor...
See how big those quote marks are and how much space they waste on the screen? Maybe think about making the font for the actual marks smaller; the boxed area is really enough to indicate quoted text all by itself without them. At least let the text start and finish on the same line as the quote marks if you feel compelled to keep them. The above would only take one line of space instead of three (plus the huge font)...

Edit: Also, I almost forgot about the broken nested spoiler behavior... Here are three individual spoilers that do open separately:
but if you put them all within another overall spoiler (to hide quote pyramids, which wouldn't be such a big problem without the huge quote mark font size) then everything within gets immediately exposed just by one click on the single top outer spoiler
(the first time. oddly enough if you close and open it again, the internal spoilers seem to stay hidden until you refresh or come back to the same page later.
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Posted 1/4/14 , edited 1/4/14
This isn't something I want for forums, but actually the buddy request system O:
I've been here since 2007 and the ONE thing that never changed is after clicking "Accept" to a buddy request, the person's name disappears/fades away.
Then I have to go through my friends list, find their name, and finally make my way to their profile to write on their guestbook.
I REALLY think that it shouldn't go away after accepting, and instead, do something like Facebook where it gives you the option "You and [username here] are now buddies. Write something on their Guestbook!"
Posted 1/6/14 , edited 1/8/14
Sorry messed up on that post from the other day. held a contest.
Posted 1/8/14
A low-key celebration for my fourth anniversary.
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Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/8/14
Only thing I can say, is reduce the wait time for watching anime!
It's a week after the damn show is released CTFO, why! A! WEEK?!

what makes it so bad that you have to have guests wait a week to watch an anime in SD that they can find on another anime site?
I say improve this, and you can take the title for best anime site!

Maybe put a 3~4 day wait time limit, and up the quality to 480p at least!

if not quality, then lower the dang wait time please!

One more thing!
Wouldn't it be cool if CR came out with gift cards, cards that you can gift (duh) to people for holidays or what not that have memberships or money on them to use for the store

Makes since, I would actually like to see that happening, families that know their kid loves or likes anime would do this for em' and guess what, you gotchya self another premium member for 1 month or even 1 week or something like that!

Adding multiple types of memberships; 1 WEEK, 1 MONTH, 6 MONTHS, 1 YEAR
Pricing; 1 week: 1.25$? 1 month: normal 6.75$? 6months: 25~35$? or higher 1 year: most likely 65~100$
1 week: all access
1 month: all access
6 months: all access
1 year: all access

But seeing to get complicated;
1 week: all access; 8$ anime access 6$ ~ manga ~ the rest.
1 month: all access; 16$ anime access 12$ ~ manga ~ the rest.
6 months: all access 32$ anime access 24$ ~ manga ~ the rest.
1 year: all access 64$ anime access 44$ ~ manga ~ the rest.

I dunno, just though it off the top of mind, wanna see opinions about the deal lol.

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Posted 1/9/14 , edited 1/9/14
1. JAVASCRIPT. Collapse quotes by default, so that spoiler wraps will mostly be used for their intended purpose, and so that people will be encouraged to use quotes more often, instead of using v^ signs, to take advantage of the notification system. Collapsing quotes by default will also aid those who forget to use spoiler tags, or does not know that they should use spoiler tags. Spoiler tags should be obsolete for this reason, but isn't, instead encouraged and a cause for reprimanding the user when they don't use the spoiler tags.

2. BBODE. Another spoiler system can be implemented that causes text to get a black background color, and therefore to become unreadable unless selected. This way spoiler wraps does not clutter posts with extra paragraphs when but a word or phrase had to be hidden.

3. BBCODE. Add "_blank" to all forum links, so that links in forum posts will open up in a new tab. When we click on links in forum posts we do not want to leave the website. Although I myself use the scroll wheel to open up the links others might not.

4. BBCODE. External images should inherit the width (100%) of the layer they're in. To be specific, the class named showforumtopic-message-contents-text. As of now, they do not adhere to it.

5. UI. Increase the WYSIWYG toolbar. Implement BBcodes such as LIST and ALIGN. People who do not know of the existence of these BBcodes will have to learn of their existence from other users, or search google with the keywords "crunchyroll bbcodes". It is never a good sign when people have to leave the website in order to find something on the website.
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Posted 1/9/14
Better video player: Before crunchyroll became a legal anime hosting site I had no problems watching anime. But now it freezes so much, constantly pausing then playing. Also, people can't see how much the video has already loaded. Please fix the player.

Better Subs
: Crunchyroll subs doesn't include the romaji to openings and closing, or the english lyrics to songs. Also, I think people would prefer that subs uses -san or -chan etc. And if there was a joke being made that might be hard to understand because of culture barriers, there should be a little note explaining it. I think illgeal scanlators do a better jobs in translating to be honest. If there are professionals being paid to translate, then it should not be half-hearted.

Comments glitch
: Why is it that every comment I post, there is a +1? It can't possible be that CR is so popular that user are constantly liking each post I make can it?

Oh and if you googled "crunchyroll sucks" there are users on other sites that mention a lot of the problems here. That would be helpful too since listing them all would probably give me a headache.
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Posted 1/9/14
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Posted 1/12/14 , edited 1/18/14

Bjaker wrote:

Hey everyone!!!

I'd really like to get feedback on ways to improve the forums.

Leave any suggestions / woes / etc below.

Oh cool, I like this thread. Here's 5 of my primary issues on forums.

1) It would be nice to have more color schemes available on the bar.

2) These really need to get removed from the anime forum, no-one really visits these sections anymore.

3) Maybe some new/active moderators are in need, after hours of reporting during a religious flame-war happening in an anime discussion thread a moderator finally steps in. (This has happened on more than one occasion)

4) I'm not exactly sure why polls meant for anime discussion, gets moved into the general polls section, I mean the poll icon is there for a reason right?

5) The rules section is obscure and difficult to locate for new users.

I think it would be simpler to to add a rules tab next to new topic / new polls.


^this does not work. it would be nice to be able to up-vote/down-vote a forum post.

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Posted 1/14/14 , edited 1/15/14
Implementation of forum signatures at the bottom of each user's post.

like below


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Posted 1/14/14

Bjaker wrote:

Hey everyone!!!

I'd really like to get feedback on ways to improve the forums.

Leave any suggestions / woes / etc below.

I'm going to have this up for a week and will then take the suggestions and get to work from there.


For the love of god please have it so we can see what threads we've commented on.
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Posted 1/15/14

meygaera wrote:

A list of all your own forum posts because...

1.) It would be nice to be able to track all of your own posts, comments, etc.

2.) Sometimes I happen to forget where and what I posted on, from the previous night (I mean, I just need to know, where and when I looked like a complete idiot).

3.) Even if it is public, I think it would be better for the forums overall.
Being able to click on a user and seeing all posts and comments by them will probably make people think twice about posting stupid stuff.

4.) But mostly, #2.

I second this!
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Posted 1/15/14 , edited 1/15/14

FlyinDumpling wrote:

Comments glitch Why is it that every comment I post, there is a +1? It can't possible be that CR is so popular that user are constantly liking each post I make can it?

I always thought that was just Shinji insta-liking every post.

Or maybe it's just because reddit does that. When you post a comment on reddit you get one upvote, if 1 person comes along and downvotes it, then it goes to zero. Reddit is a decent standard for forum style.
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Posted 1/17/14 , edited 1/17/14
I think these forums are very good as they are.
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