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Posted 12/10/13
Hey guys im going to japan Dec 16th - Jan 9th for fun. But now im hearing i cant get my anime fix aka CR in japan is this true? Cause if it comes to finding the shows i want to watch on their TV and then watching it raw i feel thats going to be quite difficult O_o. I have a tablet with the CR app on it, Will it still work Via Wifi in Japan?
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Posted 12/10/13 , edited 12/10/13
I think you'd just have to set up a proxy to get it to work.
Posted 12/11/13 , edited 12/11/13

Balzack wrote:

I think you'd just have to set up a proxy to get it to work.

and be in voilation of the Terms of Service of this website.

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The answer is that licensing restriction is done on a geographic basis, so any content that does not have a license for release in Japan will not be available.
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Posted 12/11/13
I've been to Japan, and you won't be able to watch ANYTHING. The best is about 2 racing shows and that's it! I've tried, and it terrible. To tell you the truth, when I was there I didn't really watch anime on tv. Since, the only anime I was during daylight was Pokemon, and all the anime are late night stuff. xD

But yeah, have fun in Japan! And don't worry, you won't suffer! You can still use the forums and that, so it's better than nothing! I guess...
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Posted 12/11/13
Exactly, if you have time to watch anime in Japan during the day you must be doing something wrong.
Don't worry, you'll have plenty of other things to do!

It is true that CR has close to nothing to stream in Japan, I speak from experience as I was there for 3 weeks last summer.
But rest assured that it'll all be lying in wait for you when you come back home and I can almost guarantee that you will hardly miss it when you are there.
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Posted 12/11/13
I spent 5 weeks in Japan during summer of last year. I only watched two anime episodes on TV, but I was never bored for a second because there is so much to do and see! Parks, shrines, temples, festivals, and food. Oh man, the FOOD!

I did however see 3 anime movies in theaters: Blood C: The Last Dark, Nanoha The Movie 1st (rewatch to refresh my memory), and Nanoha the Movie 2nd A's (on opening day). No subtitles of course, but I know enough Japanese to get by.

If you're going to be traveling between cities much, look into getting a JR pass. It's more convenient than buying individual tickets, and it's often cheaper in the long run. JR also has their own train system in Tokyo, so you can use the JR pass there too. Note: the JR pass can only be purchased outside of Japan!

Anyway, have fun!
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