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Do you need cosplay help?
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Posted 9/11/14 , edited 9/11/14
So i have never cosplayed before and I was just wondering if you could tell me what sort of things I would need to make these?I'd preferabably like to do the first one, but if you think it's too hard then I'll go for the second.

Hopefully I'm not asking too much!
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Posted 12/7/14 , edited 12/8/14
Good afternoon,
I'm in a state of emergency! I'm in desperate need of a realistic mermaids tail before Jan 8th. I already checked with a site called but they won't be able to get it to me that soon. Can anyone help me?
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Posted 2/25/15 , edited 2/26/15
Hello. lets see if anyone can help me out. Im cosplaying as Death Gun from SAOII and im having difficulties thinking of something to use for the steam that comes out from his cheeks i have the mask done and i have hoses connected and everything the rest of the costume is done mask lights and clothes its just this that taking up the most time to finish. if anyone could help id appreciate it.

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Posted 2/26/15 , edited 2/26/15

I'd suggest looking up some Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat) fog ideas.. I know I've seen some well done ones at various cons before, they'd probably work great for this. and came up in a quick search, but there may be better options out there!
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Posted 12/31/16 , edited 12/31/16
Hey, so I'm trying to make a cosplay, and I'm seeming to have problems with only one remaining detail. See, I'm trying to make a cosplay of Yellow buster from Tokumei Sentai (pic: ) but I can't find any place that necessarily sells the shoulder straps, cuffs, and belt buckle.And I can't seem to be able to find a complete character suit. Do you have any sugestions on this for a complete noob at this, to avoid paying a crazy fee for another buster? Maybe a guide to craft some of these, or affordable alternatives?

Cause all I got is maybe getting like a costume shoulder holdster and removing the gun holsters; and maybe getting either another one of those toy morphers and removing the morpher for the wrist strap. Or investing in like some velcro bands and foam for the legs and wrist. As for the belt, I'm at a lost. Maybe crafting the buckle from foam and give it a layer of some silver paint to give some gloss, then attach it one of my blander black belts?
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Posted 1/2/17 , edited 1/2/17

I'm looking for LED rope (the kind you slide into clear vinyl hose as the lights disperse in all directions) but I need it with a remote that can let me change its colors. Anytime I search for the rope I find the rope but its one solid color yet the led strips have remotes that can change the colors of them.

I know I'm asking something out of left field thats not on sewing...

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Posted 2/2/18 , edited 2/2/18
Forum clean up ^,^ removing posts from over a year ago!
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