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How does Love turn into Intense Hatred?
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24 / F / Austin, TX
Posted 12/27/13
I think that there really is a fine line between love and hate.

when you get your heartbroken and they so quickly move on before you.
the only way to really protect yourself is by it turning into hatred.
even against your own ego, it will happen unintentionally.

sucks a whole lot.
but just trust yourself and always try to send love and good thoughts there way, even if you can't stand them.
They will always have a place in your heart and memories.
Posted 12/27/13
Love is like Fire
Fire cannot only warm us, but burn us as well

the more you know ;D
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F / West
Posted 12/27/13
The more I know , and find out, the more I hate. But damn, it's such a waste of energy, especially on someone who only cares about himself and his selfish needs regardless of the pain it causes others and how disposable and replaceable he views others to be.
You all that are posting, I appreciate your honesty, and sharing your thoughts and experiences.
Posted 12/27/13
When you put two people together for too long. Betrayal is an obvious other reason why love can turn to hate.
Posted 12/27/13
"His heart was formed for softness – warped to wrong,
Betrayed too early, and beguiled too long;
Each feeling pure – as falls the dropping dew
Within the grot – like that had hardened too;
Less clear, perchance, its earthly trials passed,
But sunk, and chilled, and petrified at last.
Yet tempests wear, and lightning cleaves the rock;
If such his heart, so shattered it the shock.
There grew one flower beneath its rugged brow,
Though dark the shade – it sheltered – saved till now.
The thunder came – that bolt hath blasted both,
The Granite's firmness, and the Lily's growth:
The gentle plant hath left no leaf to tell
Its tale, but shrunk and withered where it fell;
And of its cold protector, blacken round
But shivered fragments on the barren ground."

Those who deepest feel, for joy, feels the pain a thousand times more. I suggest you become a rock instead. That way less heart is lost.
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28 / F / SC
Posted 12/27/13
i prefer the opposite, hatred turns into love rivals ftw
Posted 12/27/13
'Love' and 'hate' are 2 sides of the same coin. Equally, one small gesture can flip it. If you buy that nonsense, stop playing with the f-*ing thing, and figure out whether or not that proverbial coin is worth a damn.
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M / Pennsylvania
Posted 12/27/13
Well when your in love you tend to share secrets and things. and through you being blind by love you accept these flaws and things as just part of the person you love. All the flaws and things are over looked up until there is no more love and then ALLLLLLL of these horrible things just come out and get magnified 10x.
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36 / M / Texas
Posted 12/27/13
Simple's called marriage.
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